10 days Post Op Think I screwed up my pouch

on 9/1/11 9:14 am
I just got ok'd to ride my bike at my post op this week.  I am 10 days post-op.  I told the doc I ride 2-3 miles a day.  He said fine.  It is hot here and after the ride I was REALLY thirsty and just drank down 8 oz of water.  I have not had any issues getting water in or the protein in.  I was worried about no resitance until I had the soft food yesterday, and so I know it is ok.  I am concerned that I screwed my pouch up by drinking that much water at one time.  Felt a little water logged after, but ok.  If I did not mess it up, how do you excercise and get a resonable amount of water in when it is hot outside.  I am only supposed to be able to get in 4 oz over an hour.  Left a message with the office, but it is after 5:00pm here and I am worried. 
on 9/1/11 9:35 am
I wouldn't worry at all if I were you. It takes a lot more than that to stretch a pouch- it's made from the toughest part of your stomach. Just drink somewhat slowly, that's all. And check with your dr's office tomorrow re: drinking more than 4oz an hour.

Good for you for getting out on your bike!

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Jessica Houston
on 9/1/11 9:45 am - Wichita, KS
I went to my 2 week appt and told my surgeon  I was worried because I could drink  8-16 oz at a time and didn't feel any restriction... He said if it didn't cause me pain or to feel sick, it was ok...  I would still check with your dr but 8 oz should be ok!
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on 9/1/11 9:47 am - AK
Liquid is not like food, it goes in then then right back out.
on 9/1/11 9:58 am
I had no problem drinking from day one.  As much as I tried I always wound up drinking exactly like I did pre op, still do.  I have a 16 oz bottle and I can drink it down in under 10 minutes.  So far it hasn't hurt anything.
When I ride my bike, especially in the heat, I drink a little water very few minutes or so.  Whenever I have to stop for a light or stop sign I pick up my bottle and drink a little.  That helps so I won't get dehydrated.

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on 9/1/11 12:42 pm
Don't worry about the fluids. Drinking is not like eating solid food.  You haven't messed anything up.  Relax and keep up the good work.

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on 9/1/11 11:18 pm
Thank you all for answering.  Much appreciated.  Just waiting for the Docs call back.  Be interested to see what he says.
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