2nd year surgiversary!!

on 9/8/11 1:45 pm - Canyon Country, CA
Last month was my 2 year anniversary with RNY!!   Best damn 2 years I have had!  Lost a total of 158 pounds in the first year and have kept it off. I never reached my pre-surgery goal, another
10 -15 pounds to go. But that is ok with me because I still lost 158 and no meds and excellent health!!
YIPPY   I am living the life I always dreamt about, I feel 20 years younger. I can do anything, go anywhere, eat anything with a new healthier approach to eating. I can exercise, ride roller coasters, ride a horse, chase after the kids and play with them instead of watching from the sideline!  Life is good... the journey has been sweet!
Wishing all of you the same & good luck!


BSW 365 / SW 340 / GW 199 OR LESS!!            
on 9/8/11 2:39 pm
Happy anniversary!!!

I am only 14 months out, but feel the same way.

Congratulations for your hard work!

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on 9/8/11 6:41 pm - Canyon Country, CA

BSW 365 / SW 340 / GW 199 OR LESS!!            
Kathleen W.
on 9/8/11 10:10 pm - Lancaster, PA
Congradulations on your anniversery.  I know exactly what you are talking about.  My 2 year anniversery is Sept. 15.  It's been a ride, hasn't it? Witheverything that happened the first 10 months after surgery,  I wouldn't change a thing about.  I can do things that I never thought possible and I'm having the time of my life. 

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GW 150
CW 126


So Blessed!
on 9/8/11 11:00 pm

on 9/9/11 1:24 am - La Verne, CA
awesome, congrats!  Can u give me some tips on how to stay away from carbs and staying away from snacking?
on 9/9/11 3:31 am
Congratulations!  You sound so very happy.
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