protien drink and whine

on 9/8/11 9:30 am - Yucaipa, CA
Hi all,
Im yet again on a protien liquid diet to get control of my weght.  I have gained about 40 lbs and not happy about it at all.

Today is the 3rd day and Im lethargic and have intestinal upset (nice way to put it)  I am using non-fat milk in my shakes.  Tomorrow I want to start eating just protien and veggies.  The weight doesn't want to come off!!!  I am on B12 shots and Vit D3. 

I think this whole thing has messed up my body major.  I can't exercise being weak and lethargic!!!!!
on 9/8/11 9:47 am - Paso Robles, CA
I'm sorry you are having a tough time right now. Have you tried just having the whey based protein shakes mixed with water? Might be easier on your system in the beginning.  Make sure you are getting enough protein for energy and of course lots of water.

I am only 5 months post op but I sympathize with you having to "start over". Hopefully, it won't take long for your body to "kick in" and those pounds start to roll off. I do know that I lose faster when I am only on the liquid diet. For some reason, food makes me lose pounds slower.

Good luck to you.

on 9/8/11 10:06 am - Yucaipa, CA
liquid feels better in my pouch than food, but yes food makes me lose weight slower.  tonight i am having fish greenbeans and a salad. 
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on 9/8/11 10:24 am, edited 9/8/11 10:26 am
 Fat free  fat free  fat free  Hunny .   

  I SWEAR  if  i didnt stick to my fat free guns .. well with  MY   crazy    metabolism I KNOW id be   200  lbs rather than  125   ...... 

dairy   has a BIT    too many sugars  and antibiotic residues   ( I KNOW ...  what a DRAG ) ....    

there are AMAZING    largely fatfree   almond milk based cheeses   out here ..... even  pepperjack and blue cheese   !!   I myself was thoroughly AMAZED to find them ... and then .. find them DELICIOUS  ...

And ..  making them a  significant part of my daily intake ..... how HEALTHY I felt and how AMAZING i LOOKED  

jes saying .... I STILL eat dairy  im not draconian ..Im just MORE AWARE .....
on 9/8/11 11:11 am - Yucaipa, CA
I had about 2 oz of salmon, 1/4 cup of greenbeans and two bites of salad (it didn;t taste very good to me).  i was full and stopped eating.  tomorrow i will drink my shakes without milk and for dinner I will have a lean protien and veggies.   I have an organic garden and have tomatoes coming out my ears!!! lol.  Tomatoes and eggplant...... those have too much sugar?????
on 9/8/11 1:13 pm - Eugene, OR
When's the last time you had your blood sugar checked?

Success supposes endeavor. - Jane Austen

on 9/8/11 1:56 pm - Yucaipa, CA
i get blood work regularly.  Fasting Blood Sugar has been in the 80's.  thyroid is fine.  Ferritin is low,  d3 is low I take d3 tablets and b12 shots.