When to bring up the subject?

So Blessed!
on 9/14/11 11:03 pm

Where are you meeting him?  What safety precautions have you put in place?

on 9/15/11 12:09 am - Fremont, MI
We haven't made plans to meet yet. I was thinking the best place might be Logan's Roadhouse where my SIL is a waitress.
Barb RNY August 4, 2008

So Blessed!
on 9/15/11 12:20 am

That's a good idea. 
on 9/15/11 11:36 am - Northern, CA
I would say... definitely not on the first date. (Unless you dump or he asks why you are eating so little.) That's TMI and a sure way to send a guy running just because it's TMI and that waves a red flag to them.

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