5 Year WLS Anniversary (yesterday)

on 9/15/11 11:47 am, edited 9/15/11 11:49 am - Montréal, Canada
I can't believe it's been this long......
5 years ago yesterday I was given a second chance.
A lot has happened since... I lost 160 pounds in the 1st year... I had given it my all... watched what I ate, counted my proteins... went to the gym like crazy and loved it!! 
Then I found out I was pregnant !!!  I was soo shocked and happy, and also very worried for the baby that something would go wrong... so I stopped working, stopped exercising, started eating and snacking all the time (per nutrionniste that I had seen) and I ended up gaining 75 pounds!!  50 pounds I re-lost right after the baby but held on to the 25 extra and ended putting on another 30 pounds in the next 3 years...
So, I am giving myself a good kick in the .... and enrolled myself in a gym this week and i'm surprised that I really like it even though I find it really really HARD!!!

I sometimes ask myself was it worth it ? 
#1 reason is my Beautiful daughter Melodie.
#2 reason I am still 115 pounds lighter then I was.
#3 reason I take no medications, no health problems.
#4 reason I would have probably reached over 400 pounds and possibly dead or seriously sick...

This is therapeutic to write this down and makes me realize to not be so hard on myself sometimes. 

Would love to add pics but not sure how... Will try adding in later as to not lose the text.  
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on 9/15/11 2:57 pm - Spring Hill, TN
Congrats on your little girl!

I love your fantastic positive attitude.  You will re-accomplish your goal!!

Best wishes to you and keep us posted on your progress!
on 9/15/11 8:19 pm
Thank you so much for posting and being so honest. I enjoy reading what people have experienced years down the line and hopefully learn from them. All and all I'd say everything turned out pretty darn good for you especially with your little Melodie.
So Blessed!
on 9/15/11 10:38 pm

Congratulations on your baby and for your dedication to get back on track.  You'll make it!
on 9/16/11 1:47 am
Congratulations!!! I love love love the name Melodie ... what awesome milestones you have accomplished in your five years ... of course things happened in the interim and now you are back on track and sharing this AWESOME post with us ... it is so encouraging and inspiring .. 

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autumnsiggy2RNY 2/5/07 no regain having implemented lifestyle changes....


Janice B.
on 9/16/11 7:05 am - Misawa-chi, Japan


sounds like you have what it takes - motivation, method, and drive!  Good on you.  Stick around!


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on 9/16/11 12:52 pm - Montréal, Canada
Thank you ladies for the kind words of encouragement. I'm having a good week and feel that I'm motivating myself for the 1st time in a very long time to get back on track!!  Hopefully I will be visiting OH more often also. 

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on 9/16/11 9:13 pm
Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. Congrats on your baby girl and loss and keeping the amount you've kept off. Very motivated by your fight to get back into it. You are going to do awesomely. :)
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