Plastic Surgeon said I meet criteria for panniculectomy!!!

on 9/20/11 9:51 am - freeport, TX
RNY on 08/19/09 with
I have to go see a different doctor tomorrow morning for pre-op blood tests etc.  Not sure what else he will order. 

I am just so excited.  My surgeon that did my RNY kept telling me that medicare/medicaid would never pay for it. I knew they would so I kept plugging along until I found a plastic surgeon who took my insurance and knew what to do.

Shame they won't cover the rest of the surgeries I need for excess skin.  I am 46 years old, two years out and lost over 250 lbs.  So lots and lots of extra skin.  Told the dr. that I look in the mirror and it looks like i'm smuggling a herd or shar pei puppies in my bra and

So wish me luck tomorrow and hopefully i'll be able to get it done soon. 

Mona in TX

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on 9/20/11 9:59 am
Yay! Good luck.

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on 9/20/11 10:27 am - Vancouver, WA
Best wishes to you! I'm hoping you are awarew that the panni is not the same as a tummy tuck. The panni is skin removal only it doen't tighten the muscles or give as smooth and tight an appearance as the TT does. Altho with your fantastic weight loss just getting rid of those sharpeis will be a blessing! Hope it all goes smoothly for you!
on 9/20/11 11:39 am - Canton, OH
 LOL @ "smuggling a herd of shar pei puppies in my bra and panties"  
 Good luck  tomorrow, Mona! I hope you get a date soon and have a smooth surgery and a boring recovery!  

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on 9/20/11 12:29 pm
Good for you!

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on 9/21/11 1:27 am
Mona: First of all congrats on the 250# loss. wowee!!! That is a tremendous amount of weight to lose and you should be able to have ps, most especially a panni at the least!! I can so relate to the herd of shar pei's but mine are adult ones!! LOL!  Loved your descriptions! You have a great sense of humor, too which I absolutely so relate to!!!
I wish you best of luck and I can just bet you will feel so much better after having it done! Please keep us posted and email me if you'd like, too.  I  have lost 204# but have 50 more to lose according to my NP at my bariatric center before a PS will even look at me.  This was discouraging to me as I am 3 years out and have (IMO) at least 20-25# of excess skin mostly in abdomen area but above waist issues, legs, arms, etc. too, just not as bad.  I spoke with the Nut, at the center and she basically rolled her eyes at that amount and said it is unrealistic and said to try for 20 more #.  So that is my temporary goal, too.
There is also the PS forum which answers a lot of questions about various surgeries, too if you are interested.  Best of luck to you-You deserve it! Great job!!  Mary 
on 9/21/11 5:27 am - freeport, TX
RNY on 08/19/09 with
Thanks for the well wishes everyone.

I am aware of the difference between the tummy tuck aka abdominoplasty and  the panniculectomy.  Medicaid/medicare will only pay for the panniculectomy.  Mine hangs enough to cover the entire pubic area.

The surgeon said if I am willing to give up my belly button he will be able to get way more skin removed for me and may even de-fat the mons.  So hurray!!! (So funny that I can talk about things here that I can't talk about to my own  Think they'd run from the room covering their ears.)

Got the blood drawn already today and had to get a copy of my left ventricle catheterization report.  If my blood tests come back ok and i'm not anemic then I get to get a date. I see the dr, not the surgeon in an hour and he will say yes or no to the surgery.  Then I get to call the surgeon and they will set a date.

The most embarrassing thing about the whole process was standing in the room, naked, with pretty green marker all over my stomach and my boobs tucked into my socks.  Then to make it even more embarrassing they had to take  So my wobbly tummy and taffy ta ta's are immortalized forever.

I told the nurse if I ever find them online I'll tell everyone what she was like back in high  Gotta love living in a small town area.

Anyway about to leave again.  Just wanted to stop in and say thanks for the well wishes. Yall are so great and this board has been my biggest support since my family was away in the military when I had my RNY.  Thanks everyone!!!!

Met my first goal, met my second goal, met my surgeons goal. Now I have a new goal!
Kathleen W.
on 9/21/11 6:56 am - Lancaster, PA
Congradulations on both the weight loss and  meeting the criteria  for a panniculectomy.  I had mine done 4 weeks ago and it was the best that could have happened. Not only did my plastic surgeon do pre-surgery blood work,  but she also had me do an ekg and a chest xray.  To verify the need,  she took pictures to show the medical need(the face was covered). ordered an antibiotic and pain killer. Both were to be taken after I got home from the surgery.
 Even though I'm still swollen down there (it could take up to 3 months for it to go down), it looks so awesome down there. I can wear regular panties now without anything hanging  out,
Good Luck tomorrow.
PS: I'm on Medicare also with Horizon BC/BS as a secondary.  My surgeon and her staff told me that they will do everything and anything possible for payment and appeals necessary. I had problems with the skin such as rashes, contributing to hernias, etc.

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on 9/21/11 10:16 am - freeport, TX
RNY on 08/19/09 with
foxymama I had to do the same thing today. was running from one place to another. got my blood tests done, but he forgot to order a test the plastic surgeon wanted done. so i have to call my pcp tomorrow and see if he will take time to fit me in tomorrow and go back out to lab and get that last test done.

he also did an ekg in his office. the doctors office, not the plastic surgeons office. the plastic surgeon already took the pics. he had to show how low the panniculus hung as well as document the rashes and skin breaking down underneath.

if my final blood test comes back i'll probably be scheduled for october 13, which is the day before my oldest sons a gift for me on his gotta call him and let him know i wont be coming over that day.

Met my first goal, met my second goal, met my surgeons goal. Now I have a new goal!
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