Is the weight limit on treadmills really serious??

on 10/14/11 12:30 pm - SAN PABLO, CA
Hi all I have had my surgery and I am thinking about how to lose it the best way.  Well the weather is changing and I use public transportation so soon going out to walk everyday with my baby is almost over.  I have been looking into purchasing a treadmill, I dont have alot of money so the best time to probably get one is on black friday. Ok anyway so my question is I am over 350 pounds do the weight limit really count.  I am losing is my thought and soon will be smaller but I am seeing the more weight it takes the higher the price.  I would love to hear from all but especially from those with experience.
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on 10/14/11 12:53 pm
I am not sure -- just want to recommend that you try the local want ads and second-hand sporting goods shops instead of buying 'new'

We have "Play it again Sports" here -- and they always have a bunch of treadmills in various ages available ----- so many people buy them, don't use them and then sell them second hand.

Dave Chambers
on 10/14/11 1:42 pm - Mira Loma, CA
If buying new, I'd pay attention to the weight limits. If you're heavier than than the allowable wt rating of your new treadmill, your warranty may be voided if it breaks. DAVE

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on 10/14/11 2:17 pm - CA
 I can speak from personal experience that the weight limit is very true. I own a treadmill that has a 300lb weight limit and wanted to start working out before surgery. I weighed about 315 about when doing this. I got on the treadmill and the belt went around about 2 times and came to a stop. At first I thought the treadmill was just not used to being used and had some dust in it....sad isn't  but started it again and it stopped on me after the belt going around another time. Once I was under 300lbs it worked just fine. They do make treadmills for all weights you just have to research to find them. I found mine on They offer reasonable prices and ones with higher weight limits. If you have no luck with that you can always try a recumbant bike. Your sitting which is less stress and I am not sure the weight limit matters as much when your sitting. Good luck to you!!! 
      Leslie Nunes              
on 10/15/11 12:44 am - Waterford, MI
I second Kath's idea.  Have you looked on craigslist?  You can find lots of them for way cheaper than getting a new one.  That way you could get a better quality one with a higher weight limit, don't want to break your new machine.
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on 10/15/11 1:21 am
 Another idea to consider would be to either get off the bus early and walk further or walk more to a further stop to catch your public transit.  No extra cost workout.

on 10/18/11 7:57 am - New Bedford, MA
I am not sure about the weight limit thing, but I do know that it took my man over 2 days just to put the darn thing together! (we bought it from Walmart)

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