Does anyone have the getting back on track diet sheet

shannon arnold
on 11/12/11 12:05 pm - Coopers Plains, NY
A long time ago I remember a  list of foods to help get back on track.  It has been almost 6 years post op for me and I have regained 42 pounds,  and I have misplaced or even may have tossed all my old paperwork on foods and numbers,  etc.  I am getting extremely discouraged,  and have had a very bad feeling day today,  just beating myself up,  I need desperately to get back on track.  The cravings for salt and crunchy and sweet are killing me.  My husband unconsciously sabbotages my diet all the time.  He is getting bigger and bigger and is always wanting this crap in the house to munch on,  and ultimately I end up eating it too.  Then I hate myself for doing so. And have munched my way back up 42 pounds I thought were gone forever. 
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on 11/13/11 12:15 am
While I don't have a diet sheet specifically that you are referring to, I am really sorry to hear about your frustrations.

With the lack of a written plan, here would be my suggestions, based on my surgeons post op eating plan.

Track every bite of food that goes into your mouth. There are a lot of website/tools to help with this. OH has it too.

Ensure you are getting at least 65 grams of protein.

Ensure that your average calories per gram of protein is no greater than 15. This helps align carb and fat intake.

Drink your water! Do not drink your calories. They slide right through and with as far out as you are, won't be satisfying and you will want to eat quickly after the beverage.

Don't drink for at least 30 minutes, if not an hour after you eat to maintain that feeling of food, before you rinse it all out of your pouch.

Post here often, for the support you need. It isn't always an easy journey, and it's good to get support from people who understand.

Good luck!
shannon arnold
on 11/13/11 12:34 pm - Coopers Plains, NY
Thanks Bettisima!  I will have to try to find the time to right down what I am taking in.  I need to remember to not drink when I eat,  I think that will help a bit.  And never knew that information about the calories per gram of protein.  That makes sense.  I do always get plenty of protein.  But cannot remember how much of what makes what. 
Shannon Arnold   password wls

on 11/13/11 10:12 pm
I had my RNY in 2002 I lost 125 lbs. Since then I have put 40 lbs. back on. On Oct 25 I had the stomaphyx done and I have been extremely disappointed! I cannot tell I had anything done. I am still hungry and feel I can eat as much as I could before the surgery. I am extremely addicted to sweets, but I haven't had any since surgery. I have not lost but about 5 lbs. since the surgery and I have always lost wt. easily before. What do you think?