Elizabeth N.
on 12/14/11 10:11 pm - Burlington County, NJ
Appropriate forum management lesson number 902:

When a thread is removed, put a notice up that the thread was removed for xyz TOS violations. Then list the ACTUAL violations.

THAT way the community knows what the standards are and members can adjust if they so choose.

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(deactivated member)
on 12/14/11 10:15 pm - Bayonne, NJ

So Blessed!
on 12/14/11 10:16 pm

That sounds fair. 
Judi J.
on 12/14/11 10:35 pm - MN
I was kind of hoping that chick could read her rantings in the cold light of day.

Challenging people to post pics of themselves in a bikini or what they say is meaningless?

What is this Spring Break 1989 and we are all 16?

(deactivated member)
on 12/14/11 11:09 pm - Lancaster, OH
Damn!  I miss all the fun.
(was it a certain "model"?)
Judi J.
on 12/15/11 12:42 am - MN
you got it. She was incredibly obnoxious GRRL. ugh
(deactivated member)
on 12/15/11 12:46 am - Lancaster, OH
Was?  Heh heh.
Thnx for clearing that up, though, GRRL!
on 12/15/11 7:18 am - CA
Who you calling a chick??????

Just kidding... it was quite rediculous.

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Elizabeth N.
on 12/15/11 7:18 am - Burlington County, NJ
She does not see her rantings in the cold light of day. That is a waste of hope.

What is NOT okay is the way things just disappear. There was a LOT on that thread that was NOT a TOS violation. Even IF the reason it disappeared was "due to understaffed and overwhelmed moderation," then a notice should have been left.

However, that thread is just the latest example of a WRONG way of handling things.

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on 12/14/11 10:49 pm - Irvine, CA
When a thread is removed from our message boards, the original poster is notified of the removal and the reason.  We will submit your suggestion to our IT Department for their consideration.  

For any future suggestions you would like to make, please submit them to us directly at 
[email protected].  Receiving your suggestions by e-mail will make sure we can forward to appropriate staff for review.


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