What to do with old medication

on 12/28/11 7:02 am
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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how to properly dispose of old pills, syrups, and such?  I know you aren't supposed to flush them or throw them out with the regular trash but that is all I know.  Any advice would be appreciated.


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on 12/28/11 7:35 am
I take mine to a dropbox  at a shelter .  Many  sick people are unbelievably grateful for even expired meds .
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on 12/28/11 7:49 am
Call you're local sheriffs, our's have drug takeback dates.
on 12/28/11 8:00 am
you should be able to return them to a pharmacy, no questions asked. You can also contact medical facilities, some have medication return programs. 
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on 12/28/11 8:02 am
RNY on 01/10/12
I'm with Mindy.  Take them to your pharmacy.  And you're absolutely right: do NOT flush them.  That puts the meds into the water supply.
on 12/28/11 8:59 am
We are told to take them to the local fire department. Don't know if that is Colorado specific, but I took a box full to the local fire house and they thanked me for not flushing or just putting in the trash for kids to find.
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*snort* you just made me spit out my protein drink, picturing people dropping narcotics off at our firehouse.  Those Volunteers would have quite the party with medications

Heck sometimes half the crew is at the bar- we just hope there isn't a fire.

OK small town Iowa, I may be exaggerating  DH is on the fire dept & he doesn't drink.

It would be a good idea to check out in larger states.  Here they have a drug drop off 2 x a year at city hall.

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RNY on 05/02/11 with

Thanks everyone for suggestions.  It would be neat to donate them but I have no idea where to do that.  I will bring it to my local pharmacy and let them choose what to do with it.  



on 12/28/11 11:27 am - Cottage Grove, MN
Here in my county we have drug drop offs with staffed volunteer pharmacists and nurses along with county officials in charge of toxic waste disposal. Check with your local pharmacy if they know of drop off sites and times. PLEASE do not just drop these meds off at a local shelter...these drugs need to be monitored and disposed of properly. Shelter staff are not doctors or pharmacists who can verify drugs.
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