help me please !!!

on 1/2/12 6:40 am - CT
I had surgery December 1 and it seems like EVERYTHING I eat gets stuck . I know I'm probably not chewing enough but come on egg salad ???? I'm bored with the same food and frustrated , haven't been drinking my protein shakes feel like I'm failing already totally need ideas of what I CAN eat and ways to get my protein in , what shakes are good that don't cost an ARM. Please help someone I need any advice I can get !!!
on 1/2/12 7:08 am - MI

Hope this helps but I use walmart body fortress.. My Dr allowed me to use a small piece of banana and three strawberries with ice and skim milk I use either half scoop vanilla and half scoop strawberry blended with ice... sugar free cool whip 
If you are on lock down of fruit until later you can use jello flavors or pudding also just a little goes a long way...
I love my vanilla chi spice  I steep 4oz water to one tea bag chi tea (decaf) let cool a little teaspoon of splenda 1 scoop of vanilla protein 4oz skim milk blend with hand full of ice.. or blend and pour over ice or you can also make it hot by mixing  a slurry first with powder and milk then steep tea then mix...
Pumpkin puree with vanilla protein and splenda or even with chi tea is like spicy pie... with cool whip on top...

also you can melt provolone cheese over a broth type soup I did that to get away from sweet...

use chocolate protein mix 2oz cold milk with scoop until all lumps are gone then stir 6 oz of ho****er top with sugar free cool whip for hot cocoa protein
all of these are appx.. 30 grams of protein...

I still get stuff stuck if I eat too fast and don't chew.. I try to check my computer messages or do dishes while I eat in between bites its hardest at work or eating with others... Have you tried cottage cheese I add like three mandrine orange slices just to break it up a little... egg drop soup was also my go to we have a china place where it is just egg and broth I tried it at home but couldnt get the creamy ribbens
I hope I helped even a little ... You will get there all part of our process...


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on 1/2/12 7:08 am
what surgery did you have?

as far as shakes go, i like syntrax nectar brand.
on 1/2/12 7:31 am - CT
i had bypass where would i get that kind of shake and is it a fruity shake or the other kind?
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on 1/2/12 7:12 am
What surgery did you have?  At one month I was drinking soup (pea soup, and lentils), or 2 ounces of yougert over 30 minutes, or perhaps a bite or two of albacore tuna,and things like that and that was in addition to drinking 75 grams of protein a day, EVERY day.  How are you making your egg salad?

You seem shocked.  Did your surgeon not tell you all of this in advance?  Food is an addiction.  If you are really struggling, start attending support group like OA.  And, good protein is expensive.  But if you added up how much you spent in food before surgery, protein costs much less!  I only drink Syntrax Nectar.  It has zero fat and carbs and I only mix it with water.

Good luck!
on 1/2/12 7:35 am - CT
thanks chris

I guess i just didnt understand how hard it was going to be.  I was a very fast eater and this is extremely hard to get used to!!  I have to get into a support group .  I need to be on here more too i guess there are alot of things I dont know and Im getting frustrated .  I really thought I was prepared for this but I guess I wasnt.

thanks again
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on 1/2/12 7:39 am

WLS is hard.  You can and will succeed!  But addiction lasts a lifetime.  If you conquer addiction to food, it shows up in other ways.  That's why support group (a 12 step program) is so important.  You can do this!  My surgeon had me practice chewing every bite 25 times (minimum) before I would swallow.  I still do it. 

Stay in touch and wishing you much happiness...
on 1/2/12 11:03 am - PA
RNY on 12/31/13
 i am a newbie, just learning how to chew my food!! I eat a 6 oz cup of yogurt in 5 minutes taking tiny bites and chewing it, just to get in practice for after surgery.  I heard a tip that you can go to GNC and they will make a free sample shake for you so you can try it and see if you can drink it.  If you can find other freebies or single samples at a discount that might help.

Hang in there, you can do it, just keep on chewing and chewing and go to support groups on line and in person.
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on 1/2/12 9:12 am - CT
Thank you so much I'm definitely not chewing enough and eating too fast and yes probably tried to eat the wrong things too quickly . This is a lot harder than I thought it would be !!! I will get through it though I know I will .

Thank again
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