what's the norm after six months

on 1/14/12 1:23 pm - Stockton, CA
Okay it's been six months since my RNY I have lost a total of 67 pounds, but my doctor says it too slow & pic up on exercise. Is this the norm ? What is normal amount of food you should be eating at six months? I still have alot of problems with meat. Some things i can eat more of such as veggie bean, seafood .
on 1/14/12 2:34 pm
Hi congratulation 67 lbs is a great accomplishment. I think it would depend on how much you have to loose so what is normal is different for everyone. I think at six months out my goal was half of my intended weight loss. So if your total goal is around 120 you are right on track. I do know there is a saying in our support groups that the first year it is 90% the surgery and 10% you. After that it is 90% you and 10% the surgery so do use this tool to the fullest the first year. Plateau's happen quite a bit after that.

Excercise will certainly accelerate the weight loss and help with toning and loose skin but key will be to make sure you also get enough weight loss. My goal was never to go over 1000 calories and be sure to get at least 65 grams of protein in. The protein will also depend on your height. The taller you are the more protein you will need. I am a giant so they actually recccomended 85 grams but that aint happening so my goals were 65. Keep up the great work you will get there.
Mary Catherine
on 1/15/12 1:11 am
Actually your loss is average. What is your surgery date, surgery weight and goal weight? I still do best with hamburger as it is. already in small pieces
(deactivated member)
on 1/15/12 1:20 am
What are you eating on an average day?  How much protein and carbs are you eating?
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on 1/15/12 1:52 pm
Nothing wrong with 67 pounds in 6 months.  Protein first, fluids, low carbs, and lose the weight at ur pace.