terrible sort of indigestion

on 1/15/12 11:42 pm - CALGARY, Canada
since yesterday, I feel I have this terrible need to burp.  I cant get it to come up or go down.  I feel miserable, im almost 5 yrs post RNY never had anything like this before or for so long.  I have even tried gas X still feel like i need to burp.  I feel so wicked miserable...any solutions folks???

H.A.L.A B.
on 1/16/12 2:05 am
May be so many things... ulcer is one, or just food poisonning, or .even hernia....
If you get pain with it, call the doc.

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on 1/16/12 2:35 am - Canada
VSG on 08/16/13
go to the doctor.  if you have never experienced this before, and i don't know your exact symptoms, that is the best solution.  you must know that sometimes women present heart attack symptoms as bad indigestion they can't shake (i take it you are a nurse?).
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