Scariest Holiday Season ever

on 1/26/12 10:48 pm - Graham, NC
A while back I had posted about having issues throwing up and was waiting on the Endoscope to be scheduled. Well before it could be done Mother Nature decided she was going to have a say.
I woke up Christmas Eve morning throwing up blood, so much that I passed out 2 times before getting to the hospital!
The great doc found a "huge ulcer" that was bleeding and did the cauterization on it and kept me for 4 days to be sure I was good. Well less than 12 hours after being discharged I was back in the ER throwing up more blood. This time they sent me to another hospital, for all you NC peeps, it was Rex Hospital in Raleigh where my Bariatric Doc was. They couldn't figure out why I was throwing up the blood as the ulcer was fine looking after the procedure.
 I was losing so much blood they had to do transfusions of blood, a total of 15 units over 2 weeks. On New Years Day I was throwing it up again, they did yet another Endo and saw a stomach full of blood. Then I started to throw it up all over everyone while I was under sedation. This prompted them to get me over to Angio to find out where the blood was coming from. They found an Artery that was just flowing blood into my stomach.
Luckily the Docs there are awesome and they got me fixed up just fine. But talk about scary as hell! I almost died because of a little artery that had decided it was weak or something.
Now to make matters worse, a little over a week after being discharged on 01/06 my Dad passed away from a stroke.
Can 2012 please stop being a pain in the rear now?????
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on 1/26/12 10:53 pm
 Wow !  thank God you're still here with us to talk about it ...  

Sometimes I dont realize just how lucky I was to sail thru this surgery  and recovery like a horse ... 

I hope Ure walking  Hun  and blowing through that tube and sip sip sipping .   All of those will make U feel a LOT better and heal a lot better too .

For what its worth my little cat and I paced the floor like 15 minutes of every hour  after I got home .... 

feel better - big hug  
on 1/26/12 11:01 pm - Graham, NC
Thanks Something Else!
I sailed through the initial WLS just fine too, was up and walking 2 hours after coming out of the OR. So far I havent been told that this was in direct relation to the surgery in any way but I love the people here on OH and know that even when I cant fuss and scream at home I can always vent here .
Keep a smile on your makes people wonder what you are up to!