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on 1/29/12 6:48 pm - Sherman Oaks, CA
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http://fatadventures.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/sepulveda-wild life-area-a-beginning-stroll/

A beginning stroll great for those who haven't exercised in awhile right in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. Even if you don't live in SO Cal- check it out anyway. It might remind you of a place in your area where you can begin to exercise as well!
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The Many Faces of WLS

on 1/29/12 10:34 pm
 AWESOME! Love it! Thanks for sharing pretty lady ... I was up and about on my morning run with my friends on my running team at 4:30 am ... had a late start this morning ... the air was nice and crisp and made for an awesome 5 mile run .... came back totally invigorated ... after Bikram this evening the old bones will be feeling new....

What a lovely area ... this is making me want to go for a hike up West Rock with my son .. he was trying to get me to go a week ago and I kept passing ...I think I will do it this time.

Thanks for sharing....

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