OT (kinda) Loss of Dear Friend

Amy Smith
on 2/22/12 11:25 pm
Yesterday, I put my Bayberry to sleep.  It was very sudden and unexpected as she was fine when I left in the morning.  For those of you who attended the OH even in NY, you may have met my sweet girl as she was my "Sandy." 

Bayberry has been my one constant for almost 14 years.  She was my graduation gift from college and we moved out of my parent's house into my first house together.  She was with me during my parent's divorce and with me as I moved houses again into my a home on the family farm.  She went through my RNY with me and all of my complications (PICC line, feeding tube, etc.) she was what got me up and going in the morning after a hard night.  She was also the best personal trainer I ever had.  She started going for walks with me the day after surgery and was my pace setter as she had to jog.  She would get so excited to go for our "workouts" that even the thing I dreaded, exercise, became something I wanted to do.  She went through my pastics with me and it was at that point I realized how bonded we really were!  (I still don't know how she got on that loveseat without touching me so she could lay with me.)  

She went to OH with me (my Mom and I don't go anywhere without our older dogs) and then when they said costume contest I knew I had to include my dog!  So many of you came up to me and introduced yourself b/c of my dog and I was "confident" b/c of my baby! I have friends today, b/c they came up to talk to my dog. 

I know that life will go on, but everyone says that once in a lifetime you have a special connection with an animal and I am so fortunate that "my first dog" (my graduation gift from college - we had her Mom and Grandmom) was my special dog.  I know she is in heaven running around and talking to all the kids getting free belly rubs!  Heaven got a wonderful therapy dog and friend.  (The kids at my school are starting to realize that we lost our special dog, as she used to go to school with me sometimes as a therapy dog for several special needs students and all of the kids would stop in to see Bayberry while changing classes.) 

Thanks for allowing me to share!  Thanks for being a part of our journey! 

I may have had a few extra potholes along the way, but the journey has been good!   

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Miss Redd
on 2/22/12 11:38 pm - Lancashire, United Kingdom

So very, very sorry! Sandy sounds like she was a dear little friend indeed!

I wish you lots of support and lovely memories in this very difficult time.

Hugs and Peace,

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on 2/22/12 11:45 pm
 I loved on her in NY.

I am so sorry.

What a beautiful companion she was.
on 2/22/12 11:47 pm
 OMG ((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))) I got to see and pet that BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL dog ... While I am soooooooooooo glad she leaves tons of lovely memories with you, I am also saddened to hear this I can't find any words to say so I send you tons of love/support and positive energy via the waves .....

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on 2/23/12 12:01 am
I'm so sorry.

It sounds like you had a beautiful relationship with each other.

I hope you can find comfort in all of your fond memories.

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on 2/23/12 12:13 am - Cossayuna, NY
 So sorry for your loss. Loosing a loved is never easy.
Heather :o)
on 2/23/12 12:24 am
((((HUGS)))) I saw her at the OH conference and she was such a beautiful and happy dog, looked like she was smiling.

I am so very very sorry for your loss :(
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on 2/23/12 12:30 am
I'm so sorry---what happened?

My Sydney was my 'special dog'. I was fortunate enough to have her with me nearly 16 years.

Not a very good pic, but the only one I have on the computer.
on 2/23/12 12:40 am
 I'm deeply sorry to hear about ur lose I am too an animal lover! I couldn't finish reading ur story because it mad me cry I just pu my cat down after 23 yrs that was hard to make the chose and to hold her as she slipped away. It's something I will never forget even though they are free and living happily in their favorite moments in life. It takes time my deepest sympathy 
on 2/23/12 1:36 am - Central Falls, RI
RNY on 06/04/12
 I am so sorry for your loss.  I lost my special friend about 5 years ago and lately I have been thinking about him a lot.  He looked a lot like your Bayberry.  As a matter of fact I have been surrounded by them lately, I can only think that it is Max"s (my golden boy) way of letting me know he is still around me.  We did everything together. 

I think he will be there to meet me again someday and we can be together again.  I am sure your sweet lady will be there for you as well.  
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