It's my 1 year Surgerversary!!

on 2/26/12 12:46 pm
RNY on 02/24/11 with
I am so excited this is my 1 year since my RNY, my life has changed I have no complaints at all. I'm nearly 200 lbs lighter and feel so much better then I did before surgery. My clothes don't fit anymore gotta do some clothes shopping. I go to the movies and fit in the seats comfortably. I sit in the chairs at the Dr's offices with no problem! I'm now in the 2 hundreds its been a long time since I could say that! My eating habits have changed, my bloodwork is fantastic, and I honestly can say I don't miss the unhealthy lifestyle at all. My life has changed so much and I'm so Happy! Take Care, Debbie
on 2/26/12 1:10 pm
 CONGRATULATIONS !  That's a awesome accomplishment.   
Gina 18 Years Out
on 2/26/12 7:02 pm - Burleson , TX

WOOHOO!!! Happy Surgiversary!!!

DEBBIE-girl, you have lost 200 pounds-OF COURSE your clothes don't fit anymore, silly!!! I took the liberty of looking at the pics, on your profile, of you in your pre-op pants--AWESOME!!!

More important-in MY book, anyway-is that your eating habits have changed, your bloodwork is fantastic and you have adopted a healthy lifestyle. THESE things mean SOOOOO much more than a number on a scale...though..yea..we DO like those lower numbers, too!

Continued success to you!

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on 2/26/12 8:08 pm - CT
RNY on 03/15/12
Congratulations Debbie! Please know that you have not only changed your life and the life of the people who love you, but you are an inspiration to all of us that are just beginning our journey! YOU are the reason WE want to succeed! You have what many of us want and without you sharing your success and progress many of us wouldn't have the strength to keep going after the prize!! Thanks for sharing with us and for being strong and succeeding at weight loss.

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on 2/26/12 11:37 pm - Jay, NY
RNY on 04/04/12
I have about 5 weeks before surgery and its coming down to the punch! I'm feeling so nervous! I know this is the right decision and reading your post reassures this! Thank you for being so inspirational! Keep up the wonderful work!!!
on 2/28/12 12:17 am - FL
Congratulatio. Thank you so much for sharing you journey.
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