I have had enough RANT

on 3/29/12 3:16 am
First I want to tell you that when I started my journey I did a lot of research.  I decided what surgery was best for me.  I did find one that was not suitable for my needs and was actually not a good one to have.
First 2 ladies from my church went to a doctor that was not good and in the long they did loose their lives.  That is how important it is to pick the right doctor.  So, even though, I had a different doctor, different surgery they are waiting for me to kick the bucket.  This is my first thing to rant about.  Plus they thing all surgeries are the same.   BARIATRIC SURGERY.........  There are diffferent kinds.
Then we have the people that say Oh you are tiny because you had THAT SURGERY.   That make me want to laugh.
I was a dumper (I am thankful of that)  I would throw up after a piece of cookie.  Taught me a lesson.  I would get sick, hot, feel like I was dying.  I kept thinking and these people think I took the easy way out.
There is such a change with your interactions with people, friends and family after bariatric surgery.  You have to stay strong.
Research your doctor, the type of surgery, everything. READ...... anything you can.  And if all else fails contact me. 
If you are getting ready to have the surgery you are in for the time of your life and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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on 3/29/12 4:21 pm - AK
Good post. I too would do it all over again tomorrow!