problems in shower

on 4/12/12 8:42 pm
I'm always worried that i may slip in the shower and there will be no one to help me. Please could help me with how to overcome this
on 4/12/12 8:57 pm - SC
I have this same fear. You might want to purchase a shower bench, a non-slip pad to put on the bottom of the tub or shower and also install a handrail on the side of the wall that you can hold on to.

on 4/13/12 12:40 am - OH
If you are not able to purchase the bench seat or hand rail here is something I have done in the past. I used a puffy towel and folded it over twice and put it in the tub. Once the water soaks into it it stays in place. Do you have anyone that would be willing to at least stand by while you are in the shower in case perhaps you get lightheaded or feel that you need help? My husband stood outside the shower the entire time.
Hope this helps

Tammy H.
on 4/13/12 1:02 am - Greenville, OH
 If you dont have a shower chair/bench, or no money to buy one, try using a cooler...I did this a few times...just sit the pop cooler on a towel/rubber mat  in the tub, this way it doesnt slide around...I always keep my cordless phone within reach of the bathtub incase I were to fall...Also keep a towel, robe nearby incase you fall you can sleep it on before someone comes in to help you up..

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on 4/14/12 6:44 am - Weedsport, NY
RNY on 06/11/12
     What a great idea-using a cooler! I never would have thought of that! I have a shower chair but it's because of the herniated disc in my back. Every once in a while my left leg will give out and if it wasn't  for my chair I'd be terrified of falling! 
on 4/13/12 3:03 am
VSG on 12/17/12 with
Just wondering I haven't had my surgery yet.  Is this because you and others get lightheaded post surgery?  I'm worried about this with not having as much food. 

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on 4/13/12 5:58 am - Canada
Was never even a concern for lightheadedness, etc.  Not sure why some think it`s a concern now, unless they are experiencing some different feelings......which can happen.........

You can always take a bath instead ;-)

Don`t worry about not having as much food...your body is storing a lot; that is what you are burning off, so even though you aren`t putting it in your mouth, your body has a great reserve to draw from.....that`s why we needed the

on 4/15/12 8:50 pm
Thank you all for all the advice you have given me it ios much appreciated. I was also wondering does anyone else have a problem of wiping their back as i do and i'm embarrassed to call my partner. could anyone help me. please. thanks
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