8 yr post op message

on 4/21/12 2:33 am - Fort Walton Beach, FL
 Yesterday was my 8 th yr post op anniversary. I am alive today thanks to RNY. I am still off all diabetis meds, take a mild BP med I suspect due to a stressful job, and I am healthier & happier than I was for many years. Does the surgery work long term? Yes but you have to apply it. My tolerance for sugar, carbs and such is increased. I have gained 35 pounds since my lowest weight but I looked pretty haggard then ans while I would like to be in a smaller size even losing the 35 pounds would not do that without plastic surgery. I am happy with myself. My total loss was 150 # so obviously I am maintaining a significant loss. My message remians the same as always: stay off the scale and use a tape measure to measure your loss. The scale is frustrating.Save your #. I eventually lost mine but it was an inspiration. Everyone is different, what I can eat may be different than you. Take pictures of the journey. Remember you had stomach surgery, not brain surgery- you have habits & customs that have developed over a lifetime. It will be hard to change. Eating a Whopper over 10 hours is still eating a Whopper. If you are like me and tolerate sugar fairly well you will struggle to control that urge. Fortunately dumping syndrome will remind you at some point!Your preferred foods will change- I do not know why but as a former pizza addict I can tell you I really don't care for it much anymore. Real ice cream is something I would rather stick pins in my eyes than eat as it makes me SOOOO ill. Follow your Dr. rules not mine & my Dr rules. I have drank diet soda since 6 months post op with my Dr okay. Sips only. Many do not agree. I am fine but maybe you will not be so folow orders or be prepared to deal with it if it does not work for you. I wish everyone success. I no longer check in regularly as I am so busy now. I am considering have my stomach "flab" cut off not for cosmetic reasons altho that is a plus due to back pain. I will not do other work. At 56 I would have to do my whole body!! I look like a typical woman my age now and that is a vast improvement! I still need my knees replaced but due to my husband losing his job for 2+ yrs. We are rebuilding our retirement fund. Knees can wait for now. kepp your head on straight, you will have tough days,stalls, foamies, head hunger..... it gets better. Laurie

on 4/21/12 4:50 am
happy surgiversary!!
Gratitude is my attitude

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on 4/22/12 6:38 am - Fort Walton Beach, FL
 True words !!! Gratitude is everything. Thanks
on 4/21/12 5:54 am
congrats on your long term success.



on 4/22/12 6:37 am - Fort Walton Beach, FL
 Thanks! It looks like you are doing well on your journey too
on 4/22/12 3:26 am - Senatobia, MS
Congratulations on your long success!  If we can afford it, we will all eventually have a few nips and tucks!  Good luck to you.


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on 4/22/12 6:36 am - Fort Walton Beach, FL
 Conrats to you also!!! If you want the nips & tucks I hope it comes true:)
on 4/22/12 6:11 am
Congratulations, you are amazing!!! Thanks for posting

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on 4/22/12 6:35 am - Fort Walton Beach, FL
Thank you and congrats to you too!!! 
on 4/22/12 9:29 pm
 Thank you for such a valuable post!!!! My greatest fear is being unsuccessful at maintenance!!! 


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