Stall from Low Thyroid?

Amy T.
on 5/2/12 10:52 pm - Labadieville, LA
 I recently lost 50 pounds but stalled the last few weeks.  I had been losing my hair and was cold a lot but was told that is common after weight loss.  I had blood work before and after my procedure. Before everything was fine.  After I became Vitamin D deficient and was put on supplements for 6 weeks.  Went retest and still Vitamin D deficient and now have low thyroid.  The last 3 weeks I have been extremely fatigued. I go to doctor next week.  Anyone else have similar issues??
Mary Catherine
on 5/2/12 11:23 pm
 Most people are Vitamin D deficient, whether they have surgery or not.  We just don't spend enough time in the sun and many doctors are prescribing Vitamin D supplements.  The ones the doctor prescribes don't always desolve because we don't have enough stomach acid.  I take them, but I poke a hole in the capsule with a pin so the oil can get out even if the pill doesn't disolve.  You can also order Dry Vitamin D.

Low thyroid is also easily corrected with a pill.  So many women are on tyroid medicines that it seems like something in our lifestyle just wears the thyroid out.
on 5/3/12 3:20 am - NM
Your body will need to rest for a week or two to catch up with the weight loss.  You will loose your hair sorry, fact of life with weight loss.

Vit D deficientcy is totally common these days.  I take 10,000IUs DAILY.  Trying to get my Vit D up.

Go to and check out symtoms for low thyroid.  You may go on meds and still feel like crap so talk talk talk to your doc about it.
on 5/4/12 2:09 pm - MI
VSG on 03/05/12
I had slacked off of taking my thyroid meds and didn't lose weight for four weeks. Then after I restarted it I lost 7 pounds 10 days later. I'm not sure if that was my thyroid or not, I mean, we're going to stall after rapid weight loss but it did seem like the weight loss picked up around the time when the thyroid med would have been kicking in. I was also cold a lot after surgery. That was a new experience for me because I tend to feel hotter then colder...I realize this doesn't answer your question. I guess I have the same questions as you. I'm not good about taking my vitamins so I figure that is probably what is making me tired...but vitamins hurt my stomach and liquid vitamins are so gross. Best of luck to you!
Amy T.
on 5/4/12 9:29 pm - Labadieville, LA
 Thank you all for the info.  Hopefully things will get better soon !!