my surgeon's practice is closed!!!! :'(

on 5/2/12 11:28 pm - Town Creek, AL
 Does anyone in Alabama have any idea why Dr. Freemans office has abruptly closed??? Im 6 years out and he was such a huge blessing to me!! I just would like to know what in the world happened.  email me at [email protected]  thank you for any help anyone can provide!!!

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on 5/2/12 11:38 pm
I recommend you don't put down your email address and have people instead respond to you on this post.  Have you tried all of the numbers on here?

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on 5/3/12 2:56 am, edited 5/3/12 2:57 am - N., AL
There is some discussion about it on the below link to a thread on the Alabama board. Apparently the office IS closed. But you can leave them a message to get your records and/or a doctor referral. Supposedly he may be deciding to relocate? But not sure. Office closed in April according to this thread.
on 5/3/12 4:14 am
I heard that he retired.

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