Yay!!! My 8th month anniversary

on 6/6/12 3:32 am - FL
It's been 8th to this date I had the VS surgery I'm so very proud of my success I have lost a total of 140pds. Hard work and dedication to the gym and staying true to myself.. Thanks for allowing me to share my success with you all.
Neen L.
on 6/6/12 3:52 am - Arlington, VA
Bravo! Here's to many more months and years of success.

Long-term post-ops with regain struggles, click here to see some steps for getting back on track (without the 5-day pouch fad or liquid diet): http://www.obesityhelp.com/member/bananafish711/blog/2013/04/05/don-t-panic--believe-and-you-will-succeed-/

Always cooking at www.neensnotes.com!

Need a pick-me-up? Read this: http://www.lettersofnote.com/2009/10/it-will-be-sunny-one-day.html

on 6/6/12 4:20 am - NY
RNY on 03/21/12
Congrats on the hard work and dedication! Keep up the good work!
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Princess Brandy
on 6/6/12 5:53 am - PA
on 6/6/12 2:32 pm - OR
VSG on 05/30/12
EXCELLENT!!!  I can only imagine your happiness with this great success!!  Inspiring, is what you are...  we want pics!!
on 6/6/12 10:46 pm
RNY on 08/27/12
 That is awesome!!!!!!!! I would love to see pics...thanks for the motivation.


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on 6/7/12 3:49 am - Edmonton, Canada
VSG on 02/06/12
 Congratulations on your successful journey


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