Restarting secret pals?!

on 7/23/12 3:01 am - SAN PABLO, CA
 Hi all Readers

I have in the past been apart of doing secret pals and I have been looking into doing it again, but it doesn't seem to be running so I am looking to see if maybe I could restart it myself! I first would like to see if there is any members in joining in and becoming secret pals. Also I would like to know if I need to be a OH leader to do it so if any OH leaders is reading this can you please notify me with the answer to that question please and thanks. I loved how well it went for me and know the things I received I still use today and hopefully the things I sent my pal she is enjoying

Any and all comments are needed thanks all!!!
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Bette B.
on 7/23/12 5:32 am
 Let us know more! Is it like Secret Santa?


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on 7/23/12 6:09 am - Nashville, TN
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it is a lovely idea in theory but my experience with secret pals is that there is always someone who signs up to be a pal then promptly forgets they did and their pal never gets any gifts and their feelings are hurt and rightly so.

There was a secret box goig around a year or so ago that ppl signed up for. the idea was oe perdon filled a box with nice gifts and sent it to the next person on the list. tha person got to keep what was in the box,refilled it wit new nice gifts ans sent it on,and etc. Some people complained that they filled it with nice gifts but the gifts they got were cheap and not very nice at all.

Somewhere along the line the person who was supposed to send it on never did. Thanks for offering but i must decline.




on 1/9/13 8:31 am - cohocton, NY

I would love to become a secret pal! How do I do this???



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