TwinLab Bariatric Support Line

on 7/27/12 1:04 am
I have been absent for a while so I am not sure if anyone is aware of it or not, but wanted to give everyone a heads up.  I am excited about this line and will be trying it out.  I have already had the chewable multi-pretty much tastes like a chewable flinstone.  In talking to a rep at TwinLab, I learned that the protein powders will coagulate quickly depending on the amount of liquid you use so you can freeze them and eat it like a pudding pop if you want.  I haven't tried them yet, but am excited to see how they work. 

Here is where you can get the best deals on the products.

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on 7/27/12 1:19 am - OH
Like Flintstones, the Twinlab chewable multi is missing a number of vitamins and minerals that RNY patients need.

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on 7/27/12 1:35 am

Everyone seems to be a little different.  If you are getting your labs done and find out what you are deficient on you can supplement with whatever additional you need.  The only comparison to the Flinstones I was making was the taste.  Personally, my levels have always been good when tested.  They are also coming out with a joint supplement and an iron supplement.  The thing that I like the most about the line is the delivery system.  They are liquids, chewables, dots, etc which are a lot easier for new bariatric to take (I think).