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on 8/3/12 11:56 am - CALGARY, Canada
i am 5+ yrs out of RNY and the pounds have been started coming back slowlly but back.  My girlfriend at work suggested the 90 day challange by ViSalus, Its protein shakes twice a day and vitamins and other supplements.  Has anyone tried it or does anyone want to try it.


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RNY on 06/22/12
No idea.

Frankly, for the long term success of your Weight Loss, I'd suggest keeping a food log - with PORTIONS - and seeing where the calories (and perhaps lack of activity) is creeping in.

You're also 5+ years older and may have had life changes that have reduced your metabolism.

-  Nurse from Ontario


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on 8/3/12 12:02 pm - CALGARY, Canada
hi I know your right I am an RN too, but due to the crazy schedule I keep with work I am just looking to hear if anyone else has tried these shakes and what the results were.... Thanks for responding

on 8/3/12 4:04 pm - Toronto, Canada
RNY on 08/20/12
Try My Fitness Pal .....and remember protein first and lots of water

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on 8/3/12 12:55 pm, edited 8/3/12 12:56 pm - St Paul, MN
 Great idea on the food log. Even after my WLS I have been doing Weigh****chers and it's real helpful to write down what you eat and when you excercise. It keeps you accountable - awsome suggestion. Have a great day :o)
on 8/3/12 6:38 pm - windsor, Canada
They only have 7 grams of protein. Honostly your better off buying hald deceint protein from a supp store. Dont cheap out but dont over soend. Do your meals on schedual and drink shakes inbetween to hold you over. I drink half a shaje ar a time. I also make them very think. Add a half cup of yogurt. Makes them very filling. Body by Vi works. I just dont think its the shakes that work. I thinks it more you getting amped andkeeping diet straight and doing all the things the challenge says to. You dont need the shakes. 50$ for 30 days at 1 a day is to much. Get amped, get pumped and kick tje crap out of your own diet. Juat my 2cents sry for the spelling, typing this on my phone
on 8/5/12 6:17 pm - AK
You might want to do a little comparison research on line, this is a multi level marketing company and you can find better for cheeper at your local Wal Mart or GNC or grocery store.  Just my opinion, hope it helps.
MyLady Heidi
on 8/5/12 7:22 pm
 Not a chance in hell, if you last the rebound weight gain will be ugly.  Protein drinks are no way to live, you need to cut out all the empty calories and crap out of your diet to lose weight for good.  A clean healthy diet for life is the way to go, when you fall down get back up and keep trying.  Voice of experience here.
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