Peterson's Hernia

Jo-Anna B.
on 9/4/12 5:37 pm
Post Date: 9/4/12 2:51 pm
Hello felloew OHer's,Hope everyone had a great labour day. Just wondering what info you can tell me about Peterson's Hernia. Your own experience. Thank You.
on 9/5/12 6:38 am
I was 18 months out from RNY - when I got a Peterson's Hernia.

One friday evening I got stomach pain, severe nausea, started vomitting - couldn´t even take in small amounts of fluid - I would vomit. The pain was excruciating and I was sweating ... A doctor came to my home - and we discussed the possibility of a galstone attack - a gallstone passing causing the pain -  and I was giving morphine injetions - nsaid injection to fight inflammation in the bile ducts - and he promised that a doctor would come to give me morphine injections - every 4-6 hours as needed and hope that the gallstone passed quickly. 

It did not get better during the weekend - it was so painful - I cried and even at one stage just prayed to God that I would just die -- that is how bad the pain was once I had to wait a little too long for the doctors to come and give me morphine injections. I would feel ok after the narcotic painkillers - but still could not even drink a little bit of water without vomitting.

I suspected that I did not have a gallstone attack ...but instead had small bowel obstruction - and come sunday evening I decided I was too dehydrated (no fluids for 48 hours) - excruciating pain - I have had it - Gallstone attack my @ss --- I called an ambulance - and was taken to the hospital.

I had a slight fever - but bloodtests did not show a gallstone attack - and I was sent to a CT-scan of the abdomen.

- the scan showed - severe small bowel obstruction - caused by an internal hernia - Petersons space. I needed surgery - immediately. And was prepped for surgery - they tried to do the surgery laporascopically - but could not do it and had to do and open surgery - to straighten out the bowel obstruction and bloodsupply to the small intestines. The recowerey in the hospital - the next days was painfull!  I was released to recower at home - after 6 days and I did - even though it took 2-3 weeks before the pain was totally gone. I have recowered fully. 
June Kelly
on 8/7/13 2:31 am - Mandan, ND

Hi I have been dealing with this for over a year now and they finally dx me with the perersons hernia which causes the intussusception which is very dangerous I am to go in for surgery in a few weeks. I went by ambulance last january 2012 ended up with tube down my nose to my stomach to get the vile bowels out of my stomach very painful and life threatening and it fixed it self at the time and was told it would probably happen again and it has many times but not to that extreme any ways just went back in hospital last week to find out that this is happening due to the peterson hernia which is from having the gbp

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