Saw Plastic Surgeon Today!!!

on 9/13/12 2:34 pm - Montréal, Canada
Saw a Plastic Surgeon Today!!!! I was so nervous and am still a little gittery!!! I was going to go for a Panni which is paid by the RAMQ (Quebec Govnmt Insurance) but I am not at goal and Doctor doesn't find it would have made a huge difference..... So I am going for the Tummy Tuck which I only have to pay the difference to have.... It's a good deal! :) 

It's crazy how I am sooooo much more nervous with this surgery then when I had the RNY 6 years ago!! 

And tomorrow is my 6 year Surganniversary!!!
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MyLady Heidi
on 9/13/12 4:53 pm
 I personally think this surgery, tt with muscle repair was the best thing I ever did for my self esteem.  The surgery is not that big a deal either, mine was numb more then painful, granted the swelling sucks but its so worth it.
on 9/13/12 6:45 pm - Montréal, Canada
I asked the Doctor if there would be muscle repair also and he said there was no need for it.. But will be having some lipo on top part of stomach (muffin top) that is the main reason i'm going for the tt instead of only a panni... if not i'd look lopsided. :)
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Dave Chambers
on 9/13/12 6:45 pm - Mira Loma, CA

Good luck with your surgery. Yes the TT is far better in appearance and giving you a tighter abdomen.  You're lucky to have the "difference" arraingement with the cost. A local well know plastic doctor in southern Ca does the same thing with Kaiser insurance here.  He works with Kaiser, and any anesthesia, doctor , surgery room, or hosptilization costs Kaiser would have paid for the panni is deducted from the TT plastic surgery bill. From what the plastic's doc said, Kaiser found that a large portion of panni patients ended up getting the TT some time after their original surgery.  DAVE

Dave Chambers, 6'3" tall, 365 before RNY, 185 low, 200 currently. My profile page: product reviews, tips for your journey, hi protein snacks, hi potency delicious green tea, and personal web site.
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on 9/13/12 6:51 pm - Montréal, Canada
Yes i'm lucky and actually quite surprised that it is possible to pay for only the difference... Now hopefully nothing goes wrong and the RAMQ accepts the Doctors request for the surgery... 3-4 months wait to find out and another 3 months wait for a spot in the OR. Should all be done by next summer, and it will give me a chance to re-lose some of the weight I've regained! All in all it's looking good! :)
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on 9/13/12 7:49 pm
VSG on 09/05/12
 Hi Dave,
Does Kaiser cover any plastics?
Who is the SoCal doctor who works with them?
on 9/13/12 8:57 pm - Vancouver, WA
That's great so glad it worked out that way for you. One hottie on the way!
on 9/14/12 8:03 pm - Montréal, Canada
Thank you!
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