Been a while since I checked in and have missed you!

on 11/12/12 6:48 am

It has been 5-1/2 years and I am maintaining a 150 lb weight loss....lowest weight 110, now at 117 clothed and feel good.  Highest weight I actually ever recorded (stopped weighing after this one!) was 258 pounds but I know I went well above that.  I was size 26/28 and now wear 4/6.  I had sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, severe asthma, severe arthritis, two bad knees, was a major risk for heart attack or stroke and doctor said I would not live to age 62.  I am 61-1/2, will turn 62 in May.  My sleep apnea, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, severe asthma are all completely GONE.  My arthritis still is there but not as bad as it might have been.  Knees actually re-aligned with weight training and I no longer need surgery on them.

This year has been tough.  My job was eliminated and I was transferred to a new department and have to learn a new position after 14 years in the old one.  My husband was diagnosed with rectal cancer and has had two surgeries, chemo and radiation.  He has a 66% chance of living 5 years.  My 19 year old grandson moved to Nevada and in with us....that's quite an adjustment for us because we have been away from kids an grandkids for 17 years. 

Nonetheless, gastric bypass was the BEST decision I ever made for myself.  If I had not had this surgery, I might not be here to take care of my husband.  We have been married 43 years.  I might not be here to help my grandson and the other four grandchildren when they need help.  I definitely would be suffering more pain and illness myself.

If you are on the fence about taking this step, please think about all of the others that love you and want you there for them.  If you won't get healthy for yourself, become healthy for them.  If you don't want to live another day in the body you have, make the change.  Despite the rough year that I have had and the heartache, fear, and some depression, at least I was healthy enough to deal with it.  I was able to do for my husband what he could not do for himself.  I was able to keep working and earn the money for all of the co-payments, treatments, home health care, to help my grandson with tuition and books, and to FIT into cute clothes available at thrift stores so I didn't have to spend a fortune at "plus-size" stores in order to dress well for my job with a city government. 

Have a wonderful holiday season and remember to be grateful first and foremost for the LOVE in your life!

This too will pass, like a kidney stone but it will pass!
on 11/13/12 2:34 am - Jacksonville , FL
RNY on 04/08/13

Thank you for your post.  I'm sorry you're going thru such difficult times but am so impressed with your positive attitude!  I've been sitting on the fence about WLS because of my age - I'm 62, soon to be 63 - and your post has helped me feel better about proceeding.  I have sleep apnea, cholesterol is a little high, some arthritis, about 80-100 lbs to lose - but no diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart conditions YET.  I must move forward, and your post has helped move me in that direction.  Thank you!


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