Sleep apnea - how can you tell when you don't need the CPAP anymore?

on 1/21/13 6:11 pm - Portland, OR
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I have severe sleep apnea and have used a CPAP machine for several years. I hope it will completely resolve as I lose weight. But how would I know? Will the machine become uncomfortable to use? Will I just have to get a sleep study after losing a significant amount of weight?

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you will have to bring the machine to the centre who makes adjustments for you. They will begin by lowering your pressures and eventually many will go off the machine completely.

This is not something you should do yourself as for many people there are gov't regulations once you begin on the machine especially if you are driving for work at all.

You may need a new sleep study, but I think by bringing in the machine they can see most of what they are looking for or the computer chip or card.


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on 1/21/13 10:18 pm

This is a difficult question.  Some people think you can immediately  take off the cpap after  the WLS operation... NOT SO . You've unconsciously LEARNED how to snore and cut Ur oxygen off with every breath ... 

just becaue Ure lighter doesnt mean U automatically unlearn this destructive habit .

My landlord has lost and regained 50 lbs over and over since ive known him ( about ten years )  .  He still snores so loud ( despite the CPAP )  that i  wake up a floor away ... 





Annette B.
on 1/22/13 1:43 am - Scarborough, Canada

You should have a new sleep study done so they can monitor if you still have sleep apnea, but, your doctor should know when the appropriate time would be to conduct that study.

I developed sleep apnea when I was thin, and both my brother-in-laws are thin and have sleep apnea, so, it's not ALWAYS weight related. 

Definitely discuss this with your doctor, and go for another study to confirm one way or the other.

Good luck yes

on 1/22/13 2:55 am - Midlothian, VA
RNY on 06/05/12

My sleep center doc (pulmonologist) started by lowering the pressure in my CPAP machine from 15 to 12 and then to 10.  he says he likes to wait until the patient reaches goal weight before he repeats the sleep study.   He said obesity is only one factor in whether not a person has sleep apnea.   the shape of the airway, heredity, etc etc also play a part.