For all the Men or Women out there who can HELP??

on 2/27/13 5:29 am - HawkJunction, Canada

Hi, I am looking to get my Man boobs removed and hope somebody out there could help?  I am wondering if anybody has the forums to apply to OHIP for this or how I go about doing this.  I was told today by a receptionist at our local medical clinic that OHIP does not cover this but i have my doubts.  I had weight loss surgery by Dr. L in 2008 and weighted well over 300 pounds and now I am at 200 lbs. and feel good beside this concern so if any Men or Women can help me that would be great.

* ~ Derek Gignac ~ *
on 2/27/13 8:45 am
Keep us posted here or in Ontario forum, my DH had surgery 6months ago and has lost 99 lbs, wants to lose maybe another 15-20 and is worried no matter how much he loses the moobs will remain.
I just had my surgery 6 weeks ago, but I know I'll prolly have to pay to have my girls point in the right direction (not south)


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on 2/27/13 8:50 am - Nashville, TN
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my only suggestion is to post in the Canada forum,where they will know what you are talking about. GL




on 2/27/13 8:56 am - HawkJunction, Canada

Thanks I will post in the Ontario, Canada forum.

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on 2/27/13 9:59 am - Senatobia, MS

You might want to post your question on the plastic surgery forum here at OH.  I know several men on there have had this surgery.


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on 2/28/13 12:00 am - Irvine, CA


Here are the links to the Ontario forum and Plastic Surgery.  You may also want to post this on the Men's forum as well.