Easter dress shopping

on 3/26/13 1:19 pm

I took my daughter to shop for an Easter dress, but guess who came home with one from the juniors dept?? Me!

(photo on my page)

MyLady Heidi
on 3/26/13 10:41 pm

Congrats its super cute.

Jilly Bean
on 3/27/13 3:27 am - IN
RNY on 07/09/12

You look great!  I like the sweater "shrug".  I tried to find one at Target but my size was all sold out.

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on 3/27/13 5:15 am

Way to go. Bet it felt great

on 3/27/13 12:05 pm

Thank you.  I haven't really tried on clothes through this whole process.  I have thrift shopped and crossed fingers for 5 months.  I am finally feeling brave enough now and glad I did.  I worked out twice as hard today.  I am not one for posting progress pics just yet but I was so shocked. Hope you are all doing well and have a great holiday!


on 3/28/13 12:49 am

CONGRATS!!! you look terrific ... FABULOUS!!!!

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on 3/28/13 12:00 pm - WA

You look great.  Today for the first time I wore a sweater shrug with a tank underneath it and felt great!  I loved the way it fit me and even had a place for me to tie it in the front.

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on 3/29/13 11:16 am - PA
RNY on 04/09/13
How fun was that!! Enjoy yourself wearing your dres