revision surgery

on 3/27/13 2:37 am - MI

I would like more info on this ..I thought I did somthing wrong ..thats why I didnt lose the weight ..was so disapointed in myself but after reading some of your post ..I have desided to go back to the dr for help on this ..I had rny surgery in 2007 lost 90 pounds but needed to lose another 70 I tried so hard but just could not do it I have gained back 70 pounds and am about where I started upset with my self ...

Valerie G.
on 3/27/13 4:37 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

Not only are you NOT alone, but there is an entire board here dedicated to revisions.

DS 2005

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on 3/27/13 11:42 am - kissimmee, FL

MY PIMARY DR is recommended me also revision also i lost 200lb but i still haven't met my goal yet  my surgery was in 2004  everything was ok for 4 year than i have lost no more but i think because of my eating the wrong stuff like junk food

Kim S.
on 3/28/13 2:03 am - Helena, AL

Before you go down the road of another surgery, you need  to be very honest with yourself. Have you really done what you need to do to be successful?  Followed the rules of your surgery, eating a protein forward diet, tracking what you eat, EXERCISING???

Maybe you didn't pick the best surgery for your situation, or maybe you didn't make the necessary changes to ensure success.  Only you can answer that.  No WLS is a "golden ticket" to thinness.  They all require work and dedication for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Statistically, the long term best results for long term weight loss maintenance are with the DS followed by RNY (and I believe VSG is gaining ground and is similar to RNY now).  That does not mean that DSers just get surgery and then do nothing.  They have a specified way they are to eat, and they must take supplements too. We ALL should adopt regular exercise into our daily lives not only for weight control but for overall good health.

There are stories of long term success and there are stories of people that have regained with EVERY SINGLE SURGERY.  A huge component in success is the commitment of the person having the surgery, not necessarily the surgery itself.

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