gained weight

Anita Jo
on 4/27/13 11:20 pm - Elmira, NY

If i just eat protein will i lose weight??

i gained about 20 pounds and i feel terrible. also had a miscarriage a few weeks ago.


i am now 167 pounds, about 6 months ago i was 147 pounds.




Debra W.
on 4/27/13 11:49 pm - MI

Relax...grieve the loss of your child.  Don't beat yourself up!  Your body is going through a big change! So relax, greive (I lost a child at 9 weeks and yes it was a child) celebrate the child you only knew through your dreams.  You had hopes and dreams and celebrate them!!  We all know that pregnancy weight takes a while, because your hormones have to level out and your emotions are tied to your hormones too.  For now simply pay attention to WHAT you eat and continue to eat good nutritional foods, and celebrate your child's short wonderful life.


Anita Jo
on 4/28/13 10:10 pm - Elmira, NY

ty you debra. i was 10 weeks pregnant. with pcos. i am trying to eat right but my problem is the sweets. i am trying to leave them alone.

Gina 18 Years Out
on 4/28/13 12:31 am - Burleson , TX

ANITA...I absolutely agree with DEBRA...take time to grieve...If possible, talk to others who have walked in your shoes...You are a mother who lost your child...You don't just "shake it off"...

Of course you DON'T want to console yourself with oreos, because THAT will just jack up everything. When your nutrition suffers, so does your health and healing..but you KNOW that....Just work on planning your NEXT Dr Connie Stapleton says "Do the next right thing"...It's all we can do...And it will keep that 167 at 167, and keep it from goin to 187..and..when you're ready...come back and we'll talk some more..

But..for now...BIG (((HUGS)))

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on 4/28/13 2:22 am - Grand Prairie, TX

Anita, here's a (((HUG))). I have no children, but there are two babies waiting for me in Heaven. Be gentle with yourself for now, as the others said.

When you are ready, focus on the basics - protein first, plenty of water, limit (or eliminate) simple carbs, find a good exercise routine, log/plan/measure your food. 20 pounds is not the end of the world - it is quite achievable!

Keeping track of my progress without a scale...Starting size: 28-Current size: 6-Goal size: 14

sand's not a's a frame of mind...

Anita Jo
on 4/28/13 10:11 pm - Elmira, NY

you all are so great.

on 4/29/13 4:28 am - Kansas City, KS

So sorry Anita, I too have PCOS and the sting of it is astounding. I have been taking, steroids and other fertility treatments over the past 3 months and have gained about 7 pounds.

Sending love and prayers to you :)

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Anita Jo
on 4/30/13 11:50 am - Elmira, NY

ty jessanne. i am trying to eat right and leave the snacks alone.

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