- how to contact - SO disappointed in this company

Jeannie Hubnik
on 4/29/13 3:25 am - Belton, TX

I am wanting to know if anyone has a clue how to contact this company? I am trying to contact them because there are issues with my order I did place and they are sending me things I DID NOT order and charging my card. When the packages come there are NO invoices or statements in the box.

Has anyone had similar issues? I say that in Florida they had 80 complaints filed with the BBB but all contact info on that site was no good..

I click contact us on the web site and it just goes back to the homepage.


I am so disappointed in this website and the company. I have followed Susan since I joined obesity and started my journey and to have this happen using her company is heart breaking.



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on 4/29/13 3:48 am

sorry you're having this problem, i know others have posted that they have had ongoing issues with the company. personally, i haven't used them so i cant offer any specific advice. maybe the BBB or chamber of commerce in their local area?

Jeannie Hubnik
on 4/29/13 4:12 am - Belton, TX

Thanks, No one seems to know where they are based but I am just going to block them charging my card.

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Michele H.
on 4/29/13 4:10 am - NJ

contact your credit card company and tell them you are being charged for things you did not order, they will put a stop to it






Jeannie Hubnik
on 4/29/13 4:13 am - Belton, TX

Yeah that is what my husband did.  I am hoping I can find another place to get my vitamins from because I really like the bariatric advantage vitamins.

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on 4/29/13 11:35 am - OH
RNY on 01/28/13 use them all the time. Flat shipping fee of 5.99. They carry BA.



on 4/29/13 5:14 am
There's been LOTS of problems with them and complaints. I thi k it's wise of you to block them from charging your account and you should also contact the BBB and file your complaint.

I'm not sure why Susan did such a thing she really did at one time have a big share of the WLS community market.

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MyLady Heidi
on 4/29/13 5:42 am

She posts on Facebook, here is the link....personally I haven't had any dealings with her since she outed herself as a hypocrite years ago with her famous rant.


on 4/29/13 9:40 am - OH

Isn't that the company that is being sued for not sending so many people their products but charging them for them and not issuing refunds?  I'm pretty sure it is.

Definitely contact your bank.  If you notify them in a timely manner that you did not order the stuff you were charged for, you may get your money back.  And of course you can prevent them from charging you for anything further.

If you want the Bariatric Advantage vitamins, why not just order them directly from Bariatric Advantage?

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on 4/29/13 9:35 pm

Good luck with that.

Susan Maria Leach changed the name of her company after the Better Business Bureau rating**** an F.

She now ships product direct from the same supplement distributor that most other companies use - out of California - but at higher prices. 

Try here, though it's often someone else posting in her name:

She lists the following as the "store address" - but there is no store - it went into foreclosure more than a year ago.


265 S. Federal Highway
Suite 163
Deerfield Beach, FL. 33441 US 


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