upset !!

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so I went back to see my surgon couldnot see him just his pa ..6 years later ..didnt care for them at all not helpful to me ..I wanted more info and he just seemed rushed ..I took a day off work traveled all the way there and came out feeling like there was nothing anyone could do to help me ..he said thay have a back on track program for 8 weeks and i have to buy all there food and see there dietision ..i figure it will cost me over a thousand dollors for it ..dont no what to do ...

on 4/30/13 10:10 pm - VA
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Some PCP offices (at least where I live) have a nutritionist in the office as well. Perhaps yours does as well and he/she can help you out. Since they are in a PCP office, sometimes this is covered by insurance and all you pay is a co-pay. I know that's how it works where I go. I have been to see her before my surgery and at some point plan to see her afterwards. The nutritionist at my surgeon's office is a bit of a joke in my opinion. They are part of a medi-fast diet group in the DC area. They are mostly interested in selling you things.

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You do NOT need to get on his back on track program and spend money.  You need to review the rules of your surgery type AND if you are consuming lots of white carbs it's time to ditch them and decarb. 

All surgeries require protein as your #1 food choice, so make sure you are getting protein in before anything else and then complex carbs.  As for water/non-caloric liquids.....64+ oz a day (preferably more) and with the band and RNY no drinking with meals or at least 30 minutes after.  DSers and those with the sleeve do not have the time limits on drinking although some sleeve patients have stated their surgeon wants them to follow that rule.


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