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on 5/23/13 4:39 am - Snohomish, WA

I am almost 6 years out for RNY and a total weight loss of 152 pounds..YAY right.. Well over the course of the last 12 months I have had several life curves that have sent me reeling. From a cheating spouse and a divorce to placing my adult child in a group home for the disabled, it has been a very difficult road. I found myself reaching for my comfort friend of food and have managed to pack back on 35 pounds. I am reaching out for some help advise on how to get back to the program and dump the 35 before it becomes 135. Has anyone re-gained and then had to re-lose? Any advice..words of wisdom..what worked for you??

on 5/23/13 5:51 am
Wish I did- I'm in the same boat. Managed the crap out of my weight loss until about the last six months. Gaining like crazy. I can't help, but I'm here for support! You're on a better road than yesterday!

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on 5/23/13 5:59 am - Snohomish, WA

Thanks for the support..I really need it..I am scared to death to see the scale go up any more, but just can't seem to get back on track..feeling HUNGRY all the timesad

on 5/23/13 6:24 am
Mine started with the demise of my last relationship but its not easy at all to lose weight so I never stay back on the wagon for long. Anyway, the lightweights board is really supportive, and if you're not tracking your food, start using an app.

I don't know about you, but I feel like I could eat a hot dog eating contest- no restriction. I try not to challenge it but I know it's true!

Highest weight 250/ SW 233/Lowest Weight 135/Regain Highest 175/Current Weight 160

on 5/24/13 12:40 am

Yes people gain and lose, it CAN be done.  Stop it now while it still seems manageable and not totally overwhelming.

I'm sorry your life has been hard.

Several things to do:

Log ALL of your intake into a program (like myfitnespal.com)

Be honest about every little bite you take and BE AWARE

Drink at least 64 oz of water per day.

Get moving.....you have to expend more energy than the calories to you take in to lose weight.

The weight will not fly off like it did the first 6 months, but it will come of.


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on 5/24/13 10:54 pm - Burleson , TX

CFIDECARO---First off..BIG (((hugs)))...sounds like you have had a very tough 12 months...

You already have made a MAJOR step in the RIGHT direction, that many peeps will NOT do..that I would not do, for way too long-that led to MY 70 lb regain, at one point..YOU WEIGHED...KUDOS, girl!!! You have to know where to stand, to know where to go-that is a MAJOR step-and you already DID IT !

Now..my best advice, is the same you have already recieved..log log log...and support..There are so many programs you can use now. I'm old school, and often use pen and paper, until I can get logged to my fitness pal. You can also snap a quick pic of your plate, when you are in a hurry, and record that meal later. For ME, the trick is in the PRE-PLANNING. If I fly by the seat of my pants, I will screw up every time. I'm a grazer..first, last and always..so I HAVE to have the right things available and ready to eat...

If you will share an example of your current "days eats" we can help you re-do it, if you'd like. Are you taking your vitamins? BE HONEST. Often times when the food plan goes haywire the vitamin regime and exercise program go with it..

Our Cajun Girl here, is the smartest vitamin guru ever, and I know lots and lots about regain/reloss (good old life experience!), and we wll sure help you any way we can!

With all you have going on in your life that you CANNOT control, you will feel so much better getting THIS..the one thing you CAN be in control of, back in your radar..


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on 5/25/13 1:55 am - IL
VSG on 09/11/12

Wow, first, congratulations on slogging through the crap taco that life has thrown you!  You are a tough woman, and I tip my hat.

I'm still a newbie- surgery was in September- but I have to fight my old habits every day.  When I stall or start backtracking, the first thing I look at is my carb/refined sugar intake.  Am I getting flavored syrup in my latte?  A scone with that?  "Forgetting" to pack a lunch and getting something  fast?  Not putting protein first?  Drinking too soon before and after meals?

And every time I crack down on that, bam.  The scale moves.  And I gradually slide over a month or so and have to reign it in.

People are right about logging everything.  It helps.  You've been through a lot, and throwing a whole bunch of advice at you might seem overwhelming.  Start simple- just like you started this journey!  And breathe.  You're awesome.  Look how much you've done!

Best of success to you.