At Last I am in onderland it feels fabulous!! 305 to 199 woot!

on 6/2/13 1:05 am, edited 6/2/13 1:13 am - MN

  305 high weight and picture below 202 with husband on 35th B-day! This has been a journey but wouldn't change anything feeling blessed.  I have to keep jumping on and off scale because it has bee 15 years since I seen one any thing WOW what a feeling!!!!!!!!!!!



on 6/2/13 1:56 am
VSG on 02/24/14

you look fabulous! what surgery did you have?

on 6/2/13 8:32 am - MN

RNY, Thank you I feel great!

on 6/2/13 6:05 am - NV
RNY on 02/22/12

beautiful couple and you are doing amazing! It will get better too

H/W 326   S/W 287                                                                                     GW 145                                                      
on 6/2/13 8:33 am - MN

Thank you.  To think it will keep getting better feel blessed!

on 6/2/13 8:34 am, edited 6/3/13 12:33 pm - MN

Thank You.  I have no regrets accept not doing this sooner love my RNY!

on 6/2/13 10:26 am
RNY on 05/07/12

Where did the other half of you go?????  Holy Guacamole!  You look fabulous and so pretty!  You were pretty before but it still and always will amaze me when I see this.  That's with losing 106 pounds!  Way to go!  angry Jane

on 6/3/13 12:36 pm - MN

Thank You........... it's funny how looking at two pictures shows difference more so then looking in mirror each day


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