What size is 75cc??

Charmaine C.
on 6/11/13 4:15 am - Columbus, OH

My doctor told me my pouch is 75 cc and I'm lost. I truly don't understand these online calculators. Can only one help me please?

Citizen Kim
on 6/11/13 4:21 am - Castle Rock, CO

It's 1/3 cup in volume when empty

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Charmaine C.
on 6/11/13 4:34 am - Columbus, OH

Thank you Kim. The surgeon is going to re measure my stomach again within the next week or so, to see if I can get a revision. That was the size of my stomach 2 yrs ago. I'm 8 yrs post out next month and I gained  over 50 ibs since I had my son 4 yrs ago. It's been yo yo affect with the weight. I'm down 30 pounds one day and back up 35. This is frustrating!

on 6/11/13 8:11 am

Odds are good that the trouble isn't the size of your pouch, but the size of your stoma. If the stoma's enlarged---far more common than an enlarged pouch---food has no reason to STAY in your pouch. Unfortunately, none of the methods of tightening the stoma seem to work all that well. Have you considered revising to a Sleeve or a DS?