Tomorrow is a new day!

on 6/18/13 12:44 pm - Milwaukee, WI
I've been feeling very overwhelmed lately with a 60pd regain but tomorrow is a new day! Let's get this freaking weight off! I'm feeling positive. I have my fingers and toes crossed that I can do this. Lord knows I can't afford new clothes and I refuse to buy the next size up!!

Also, prescribed weight loss pill Phetermine from surgeon. Please be aware that if you already suffer from Insomnia...this pill will make you go bonkers with lack of sleep. It made me very wired and then I'd crash. Anyone else take this med?
on 6/18/13 3:04 pm - Morristown, TN
hello there! yes i have taken phentermine, i did well with it for a few months.. decreased appetite, weight loss , it was pretty sweet! however one day at work out of no where my heart started racing to the point i thought i was gonna pass out or have a heart attack. A co worker rushed me to the local hospital
on 6/18/13 3:10 pm - Morristown, TN
oops pused submit on accident, sily phone. Anyways. needless to say my heart rate was 247 bpm they immediatly took me back.. i had six nurses over top of me cordes connected left and right and a doctor in the corner barking orders like a drill sargeant. They had to stop my heart and restart it.. the doctor warned me that i would feel my heart stop for a few seconds and restart back. It was very scary.. so becareful and listen to your body. hopefully you have have issues.. i can no longer take it, and doc said if i hadnt came in i nost likely would have had a heart attack. best of lucck to you!!!!! Brooke
VSG on 06/12/13
WOW! Glad I didn't read this while I was taking it. Glad it turned out ok. Scary!


Sleeved 6/12/13 - 100 pounds lost to get to goal!

on 6/18/13 3:13 pm - Morristown, TN
Wow my spelling is all over the place lol.. i swear i cant do anything with this phone.. and its supposed to read.. hopefully you WONT have issues. please forgive my technical difficulties.:)
Ingrid K.
on 6/18/13 5:34 pm - Canada
Don't give up!!! You can do it. Have faith in yourself )
Atl_Gadget_Grrl but u
can call me Charlotte

on 6/18/13 11:25 pm, edited 6/19/13 6:22 am
VSG on 06/12/13
I was on it frequently from 2008-2012. Fun and annoying at the same time. I know you will be successful in your weight loss! Good luck!


Sleeved 6/12/13 - 100 pounds lost to get to goal!

on 6/19/13 12:11 am - Milwaukee, WI
Wow pretty scary stuff! Has anyone been prescribed any other med besides Phetermine?
on 6/19/13 12:44 am - Morristown, TN
yea it was scary.!! but it doesnt happen to everyone.. i was just unlucky lol.. good luck what ever you do!!! :) Brooke
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