I haven't had any illness since surgery...

on 7/26/13 11:15 am
RNY on 09/11/12

...but now I have a head cold and a nose that won't stop running!

I work in an elementary school and every year, without fail, I get at least strep, a head cold and either bronchitis, or the flu.  Since I had my surgery, I haven't had so much as a stuffy nose - until last night!  Granted, it's mild, but I was enjoying not being sick, like i have in the past!

I've been bragging for a few months about how healthy I've felt and that I haven't gotten sick. I really think that eating all of the processed food that I used to before surgery contributed to my lack of an immune system!  Eating healthier has made my body healthier and i guess, better able to fight the bugs and viruses.

My school is a year-round school, so I've had a slew of new kids in over the past 3 weeks, so I guess it was bound to happen - one of them shared too much with me! lol  But again, this is minor and will pass in a few days. :)

Has anyone else experienced this lack of illnesses?? :) Hope so!

  Annie  HW 289   SW 257   GW 150
on 7/26/13 7:12 pm - Sunny Southern, CA

In the 7 years since RNY I've been sick only a handful of times... not sure about the processed food I'm thinking all the vitamins I do now faithfully wards the creeping crud off. Vitamins pre-op were from food sources or occasionally I'd buy a bottle and do them but they were hit and miss... now 7 years faithfully.

That being said... on the rare times I have gotten sick it's taken waaaaay longer to recover and for meds to kick in. So pre-op I'd get a Z-pack and be feeling a bit better by day 2/3 now I can finish the z-pack and still be feeling crummy for days after. Absorption issue in my non-Dr. opinion.

Feel better!! Lots of fluids... pretty easy for us to get dehydrated without being sick let alone when we are ;)

~Michelle "Shelly"

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on 7/28/13 2:12 am

Before I had my DS nearly ten years ago, I'd get a cold every fall that would persist till spring, and it usually turned into bronchitis. I haven't had bronchitis since surgery! And only a couple of colds!

on 7/28/13 2:06 pm

I agree that I feel healthier too since surgery.  I am also faithfully taking all the vitamins.  Good luck in kicking this head cold to the curb.



on 7/28/13 8:26 pm
RNY on 09/11/12

Although I took vitamins before surgery, there must be something else to it for us to not get sick!  Whatever it is, I'm thankful and the cold is slowly going away :)

  Annie  HW 289   SW 257   GW 150
on 8/3/13 11:03 am - Cary, NC
RNY on 03/24/08 with

Yep, been healthier than I ever have in my life.  I think it's a combination of the vitamins, a small pouch and the intestine bypass - or at least that's what I tell myself.  I get headaches on occasion but I have not had the flu or stomach virus in over 5 years.  I have had a cold a time or two but it doesn't last nearly as long as it used to.

I, too, am at a year round school;  I don't teach - I am the secretary/bookkeeper.

I have a new philosophy, I'm only going to dread one day at a time.  Charlie Brown
on 8/3/13 11:19 am
RNY on 06/06/13
Yes I am only 2 months out but my allergy seems to have gotten better ...I've been able to stop prescription nose allergy spray... my son had GS done last fall and I think he said hes not been as sick...i'm thinking vitamins help and some cause of it may be food and additives that trigger us! Hope your cold goes away quickly! I hate getting sick so I avoid sick people and try to stay out of drs. Offices! Lol I dont get sick often but when I do i'm sick! Stay up on flu shots and got my 1st pneumonia shot when I had surgery ..I'm older! Feel better soon!
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