Press your doctors if you have thyroid disorders!

on 9/2/13 8:58 am - Yucaipa, CA

I was DX with hypothyroidism 20 years ago and was prescribed synthroid.   Always had trouble with losing weight both pre-GBS and post-GBS.  I counted calories religiously and ate an average of 500 to 600 calories.   So I met a friend who told me to call a c compounding pharmacist and ask them who do they know that prescribes Compound meds.  

I was directed to a doctor *****ally knows thyroid stuff.  He checked for antibodies and mine are 4 times the normal limit.  Hashimoto's is treated differently than if you had your thyroid removed.  So he adjusted my meds, adding a few more and I'm down 27 pounds.  I am doing a modified South Beach plan and have eliminated wheat, rice, potatoes, and corn entirely.

If you have a problem with losing weight due to a 'low thyroid', do what I suggest and find a good doctor.  No sense in beating yourself up, being called a liar by your doc when you are showing him your food diary, etc.

I'm not on here much and I should be, but I felt this was too important and I had to share.


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on 9/3/13 12:28 am - Irvine, CA

Great post and thank you for sharing  Congratulations on your weight loss!

on 9/3/13 4:30 am
I have PCOS. I have followed EVERY diet to man, not cheated, and even been hyperviligiant.

My friends and fiancee have watched me through the years follow diets religiously to only have them fail.

That makes me angry, but what even makes me matter is when a bariatric doc (or any doc) tells you that you are "cheating"

In the end, it was the a smart NURSE PRACTIONER that BELIEVED ME and tested me and found my PCOS>

It is still a pain in the rump. HOwever, I now have a disorder to blame rather than feeling like a "failure" that "has to be doing something wrong."