Traveling and protein

on 9/19/13 11:25 am
RNY on 09/11/12

I've done some traveling since having my surgery over a year ago and I think I have mastered it at this point! lol 

Since January, I've traveled to Florida on vacation and also when Grandma got sick.  She passed away and we traveled to NY for the funeral. :(  Then a long weekend at a truck show in Pennsylvania in August and a week in Disney World 2 weeks ago! 

For this trip, I've got 3 small coolers to hold my frozen bottles of water - going to be driving to Georgia Friday, outside at a car show all day Saturday and drive home Sunday - protein powders, protein bars, FiberOne bars, peanuts, bananas, and a snack or two for the hubby! lol  The weight of my 3 small coolers is at least twice that of my overnight bag! lol  Since my clothes are so much smaller, they take up much less space and are lighter too. 

I find that bringing what I like to eat = and can eat = is so much less stressful then hoping to find the things I like and can eat.  It makes the bags going heavier, but lighter coming home.

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on 9/19/13 11:38 am - Irvine, CA

Good for you! Way to go making adjustments for the new you.  

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