Now that the temps are dropping, how are YOU keeping warm??

on 11/10/13 7:46 am
RNY on 09/11/12

I'm freezing!!!  It's as simple as that!  In the morning, when the sun goes down, middle of the day - unless I'm standing in direct line of the sun and there is no wind.  And it's the beginning of November!? Ugh! I'm in trouble. 

I've been wearing turtlenecks under my work t-shirt - my "uniform" is a tie-dye shirt and khaki pants - and I think I will start to wear tights under my pants, at least I'll have 2 layers on my legs and feet too, cause of course, my feet are cold too. :(

How do you stay warm?  Those who have experienced winter already, please give me some tips on staying warm and surviving.  I work at a car dealership, so I am inside and out all day long.  I'm fine with being warmer inside - that would be nice - but i really need some tips so I don't become an Annie-popsicle.

  Annie  HW 289   SW 257   GW 150
on 11/10/13 8:05 am

Wool socks are WONDERFUL! I live in the South, so they're not very easy to find. I treasure the five pairs I have. I sleep under an electric blanket, on top of a heated mattress pad. I dress in layers, 'cause at nearly ten years post-menopause, I STILL have the occasional hot flash---which never affects my feet. (It's just WRONG for your feet to be freezing while your head's so hot your hair's about to catch fire.)

on 11/10/13 8:39 am - Sunny Southern, CA

I feel ya. I'm a wimp. I live in Southern California but the minute the temps drop below 70 I'm shivering. I swear by these suckers: y-five_10.html they are awesome.

Stay warm!

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on 11/10/13 8:52 am

Thermal undies, especially the silk or silk-like ones which work well under business clothes. 

on 11/10/13 8:53 am
RNY on 09/11/12
On November 10, 2013 at 4:52 PM Pacific Time, TurnThePage wrote:

Thermal undies, especially the silk or silk-like ones which work well under business clothes. 

Where did you buy them?

  Annie  HW 289   SW 257   GW 150
on 11/10/13 9:51 am
I found some of the silk thermals at Ross .. Great prices, too.

I have always been cold .. Even at 130 pounds overweight, I was always the coldest person in the room.

Now, socks (year round), fingerless gloves for when I type and lots of layers are the secret to keeping me comfortable.

on 11/13/13 9:06 pm

I got mine years ago while in Michigan. They are hard to find in the South but mine is the Cuddl Duds brand: I also need to get some new my old set is WAY too big now. (I was wearing them pre-op)

Other ways, fleece pj's, a duvet on the bed,  sweaters in the house all the time (old fashioned type cardigan), socks on the feet, and if all else fails, very warm bath!

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on 11/10/13 9:27 am - Eugene, OR

Little hotties hand and toe warmers when I have to go out, and quilts when I stay in!  I make quilts and quilt for other people (I have one of those 14' long quilting machines).

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on 11/10/13 10:24 am - NH
RNY on 10/02/12
SEX.....and lots of it!! In the morning it warms you up for the day and at night gets you toasty to go to sleep! LOL
Seriously..... Hubby and are are both one year post op. I'm down 150 lb and he is down 225 lb. we are both freezing!!!!
Layers, layers and more layers. It's life up here in New Hampshire!
Valerie G.
on 11/13/13 9:48 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

My arsenal consists of:

Fleece-lined leggings and tights - these are the best invention ever

Heated mattress pads - these are the best invention ever

Merino wool (not at all scratchy) - best invention ever - layer over knee high socks and under boots.

flannel jammies

Wool coat that covers your butt (MUST cover butt).


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