Lowest carb yogurt

on 1/10/14 4:01 am

Quick question...  Looking for the lowest carb yogurt.  I used to get Dannon Light n Fit Carb and Sugar Control Vanilla but can not find it anywhere anymore.  I have Giant Eagle, Kroger, Walmart in my area...  Any ideas??



on 1/10/14 4:35 am - OH

Carb Master from Kroger.

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on 1/10/14 5:33 am

That's what I was going to post.

Valerie G.
on 1/10/14 8:51 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

Kroger has their own brand - CarbMasters, which is delicious, much higher in protein than the commercial brands, and very low carb.

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on 1/10/14 12:20 pm - Canada

sounds yummy.

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