I know this question has been asked before but I am new to Medicare and need to know what...

Angela M.
on 2/17/14 2:45 pm - Vicksburg , MS
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I went to the website and all it tells me is to make sure my Part A and Part B deductibles are paid up.  Help!  I need to know their guidelines.  Diets, counseling, etc.


Thank you very much!


Mary Catherine
on 2/17/14 5:47 pm

The only guidelines that I know of might be with your medicare supplement plan.  Check with them, if you have a supplement.

on 2/17/14 7:06 pm - OH

Call 1-800-MEDICARE and they will answer all your questions.  When I had surgery with Medicare five years ago, they did not require any supervised diet up front.  I think they did require a psych eval but they did not require counseling.

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on 2/18/14 3:04 am

I'm sorry Angela.....what guidelines specifically are you looking for?  What procedure or surgery are you looking to have?


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