on 3/23/14 11:57 am - Cambridge, OH

I am totally new to any of this.  One of my main questions is how long I will be off work?  I work in an office and sit at a desk all day long other than walking over to the copy machine.  Also, how hard is it to get insurance to approve?  Tired of spending money on products that don't work for me. Thanks in advance 

on 3/23/14 1:25 pm


A lot depends on the surgery you have.  I had a Realize Band on a Friday and took the following week off work ... 6 work days let me qualify for short term disability.

I could have worked 1/2 days at my desk job by Tuesday or Wednesday, but iwas nice to have the full week to rest, recover and plan my eating and drinking schedule.

If you have RNY orVSG you might need 2 weeks or more ....

If  you have DS, you could need more time than that.


Amy R.
on 3/23/14 1:35 pm

You need to call your insurance and see what is needed for approval.  We don't know.  Every insurance is different, and even policies within the same insurance companies are different.  You're gonna want to hear what is needed straight from the horse's mouth.

As for recovery time, I believe there are "expected" times of recovery, but it'll also depend on you and how your surgery goes.  Best bet is to make another call - to a Bariatric Center or Weight Loss Surgeon.  They usually have informational classes or appointments for newbies to get their questions answered.

We'd help you if we could.  But only you know the details of your situation.

Good luck=)



on 3/23/14 7:26 pm - Glendale, AZ
DS on 04/01/14

I'm having a DS on April 1, and I was told that I would need 3-6 weeks off work, with 3-4 being more typical of a desk job and 6-8 being more typical of a job with lifting. YMMV.

Kate -True Brit
on 3/23/14 8:51 pm - UK

I had a physically active job ( working with teenagers with behavioural difficulties) which meant I was on my feet and moving around all day, often very rapidly! 

I took a week off work and needed it as I did feel tired. But I could have gone back sooner to a sedentary job. 

But other surgeries require longer (I was banded) and different people recover at different speeds.

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Happily banded since May 2006.  Regain of 28lbs 2013-14.  ALL GONE!

But some has returned! Up to 175, argh! Off we go again,


Mary Gee
on 3/23/14 10:54 pm - AZ
VSG on 05/14/14

As mentioned above, time off from work varies for everyone.

With regard to insurance, one thing to do is make sure your employer has not "excluded" bariatric surgery from their policy to reduce their premiums.  When I was working I had United Health Care which did cover WLS, but then discovered my employer excluded it, so I was unable to proceed.  So #1 step:  confirm coverage!

Good luck on your journey.


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Cathy W.
on 3/24/14 6:49 am

As far as insurance approval - it depends on your medical history, bmi and co-morbid conditions.  The first step is to make very sure that your insurance policy covers bariatric surgery.  Unfortunately, many insurance companies don't. 

Time off from work will depend on the surgical procedure you choose, and your recovery.  I had RNY 13 years ago and I took off two weeks.  I probably could have went back after 10 days.  I had a desk job too but I was really tired so stayed out the full two weeks.



on 3/24/14 7:42 am

Friend who had RNY took 8 weeks off, but that was because she could  lol I don't want my work to pile up so I'm concerned about this too..I'm the only one in the office who does what I do. I'm hoping to come back part time within a week or so, or possibly even work from home (my boss already mentioned that might be possible) and I have a desk job. Oh, I'm planning on the sleeve.

As far as insurance, yep do some research, see if it's covered first and foremost. Then see what requirements your policy has.


on 3/24/14 10:23 am - Cambridge, OH

Thank you!  Those are actually answers I expected. As much as I hate dealing with insurance, I guess I have no choice but to deal with them lol 

Valerie G.
on 3/29/14 11:48 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

I chime in with the others to call your insurance company and see if

  • Is wls covered?
  • What procedures are covered, specifically?
  • What do you need to do prior to submitting for pre-approval?

As for time off work, it really does vary from person to person.  My recovery from DS was a good one, however I was extremely listless for a good 6 weeks.  Once I started feeling like myself again at that point, I was able to work on developing a routine for eating and such to prepare for my return.  When I returned, I hit the ground running and never looked back.  They were expecting to coddle me a bit, but the impression I set was that I was tough as nails, which brings up another point....what kind of impression do you want to put out about yourself?

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