Dilated esophagus, all fluid out of band, gaining weight FAST

on 3/23/14 3:08 pm

Hi everyone! I had my lap band in 8/2007. I was 215 at surgery and achieved and stayed at 128 for 6 years. Late dec 2013 I went for a barium swallow on a check up and my esophagus was very dilated. In addition, there is a hiatal hernia and the doctor decided it was best to take out all fluid and hope that by resting it for a while it will get better. The problem is that since then I have gained 30 lbs despite being super vigilant, calorie counting and working out HARD at the gym. I lift with a trainer 3x week and another 2 or 3 times I am there just for cardio. 

I am scheduled for an EGD on April 10 but I am so freaked out and depressed that I can't focus on anything else in life other than these 30 lbs. I am only 5'1'' and so 30 lbs is a lot!!! I went from a size 2 to a 4 then 6,8 and now going to 10. In really scared. 

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before? Help!!!

Kate -True Brit
on 3/24/14 1:38 am - UK

Sorry you are having problems.  I can't comment on the physical ones as they haven't happened to me but I can empathise with the weight gain. I have recently gained weight myself and that is WITH a working band.

The only thing I wanted to say was that maybe you need to check you really are eating the calories you think you are. To be gaining so rapidly, you must be taking in considerably more calories than your body needs. If you are still eating the same number of calories you were at your slimmest and when you were maintaining at that weight, then you should not be going. Unless you have some unrelated issue like a thyroid problem. 

Highest 290, Banded - 248   Lowest 139 (too thin!). Comfort zone 155-165.

Happily banded since May 2006.  Regain of 28lbs 2013-14.  ALL GONE!

But some has returned! Up to 175, argh! Off we go again,


Nic M
on 3/24/14 1:41 am

I know gaining weight is stressful, but I really think it's more distressing that your esophagus is dilated.  You might want to start considering band removal or revision surgery. (I had my band removed many years ago... still have quite a bit of damage from the thing. I opted for band removal, no revision, due to the amount of damage I sustained.)


The chances of an unfill resolving the esophageal issue aren't great. I'm very sorry if that sounds blunt. I don't mean to be... I'm just not sure how else to say it. I hate to see your health suffer. 

I'm very sorry you're going through this. It's not uncommon, unfortunately. Visit the Revisions forum to see the full scope of band complications that people have. You're certainly NOT alone. Best of luck to you, eagora.

on 3/24/14 3:45 am - Vancouver, WA

I agree with both ladies it is very easy to underestimate how much we are eating and no resting with an empty band won't help fix the esophagus  or the hernia. If I were you I would start by measuring every bite that goes in my mouth and don't forget that things like vitamins and supplements can also have calories in them. This way you will know exactly how much you are eating.

I also had my band removed last month because I had so much pain with it and trouble swallowing. I still have problems swallowing, it is a bit easier but nowhere near normal. I just pray it will continue to get better but there is no guaratee and it may never get any better so to me he is just putting off the inevitable. Good luck to you but I would worry more about the esophagus than the weight gain too. You can fix the weight gain but the others may not be so easily fixed.

on 3/25/14 3:38 am

First, take the stress level down because your band might react to it. Please, please, please...get back to the rules and count your caloric intake.  When I had the last cc removed in 2010, my gain started gradually.  Now, 7 years later, I have regained all 79 pounds +20 but have since lost the extra 20.  And I still have 7cc's in the band.

Don't allow it to happen.  I might slow down a bit on the exercise, you may be gaining in muscle mass.  Don't stop, just don't go overboard.

I regret giving up as I did (for many reasons, things going on in my life) because gaining it all back makes me feel so bad.  I want you to get hold of it before it happens to you!  And I hope you will get all the healing you need.

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