How long do I have schedule surgery?

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Hi - I have 2 visits left with my surgeon (one being this evening) before I can schedule surgery. I have been 'jumping through hoops' for the insurance with appointments, tests, etc. since October. I had my pre-op bloodwork in January and endoscopy. During my endoscopy my temperature was 100, but I wasn't sick. I had an appointment with my asthma doctor a week later - I was still fevered at 99.5. My bloodwork came back elevated (WBC 12,000, Sed Rate 22, Iron deficient). I waited until March 1st to make an appointment with my family doctor. She gave me a round of antibiotics and again she checked my temp and my bloodwork and both were still elevated (the same). I went back to her Friday and she can feel several lymph nodes that are enlarged and I'm still having a fever that comes and goes. Something is definitely going on with me. She said I cannot have surgery until this is figured out. I'm so scared I'll lose all the progress I've made since October and have to start from the beginning. I can't get ahold of my surgeon's office. So I'm just wondering if anyone knows how long I have to schedule surgery after my last appointment seeing the surgeon. My insurance is Blue Cross.

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That would be up to your surgeon.

If your insurance pre-approves WLS and you've already received approval, there may be a time limit for that, as well.  If that's the case, it should have a date on the letter of approval you received, so check that.  If you haven't been pre-approved yet, then your insurance isn't an issue.

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The surgery date will also factor in how long you have to be on a liquid diet as well as when your insurance approves you, it can vary from a few days to 2 weeks, approximately. The liquid diet can be a couple of weeks or more, depends on your surgeon.

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I also have Blue Cross (Anthem Blue Cross).  I know that there are different plans within Blue Cross but my plan sent me a letter of approval which stated that I had 90 days from the date of approval to have the surgery.  If it couldn't be done in the 90 days, then I would have to get another approval.  Since I had been going through all the hoops that they gave me to do, the 90 day deadline was easy to make.


Good luck and God bless.