HELP! 10 years Post Op and Gaining

on 3/23/14 6:13 am - Van Nuys, CA

I have not been on this site for a few years, but you people are the only ones that I have ever been able to rely on for help with my weight problem so I am here to ask for your help--once again!

On April 26th it will be 10 years since I had my RNY surgery.  I was 254 at surgery and only lost a total of 75 lbs after surgery with 175 being my best weight.  I am now back up to 200-205 (depending on water weight).  I need to get my weight down and I a scared that I am going to end up 254 or better again if I don't do something quick!! 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I work a lot and do not have much time to exercise, but I am looking for a food plan that might jump start the weight lost.  Has anyone tried Weigh****chers after having surgery?  I still cannot eat a lot--I just eat all the wrong foods!  What about another surgery?  Please help!!! I am desperate!!!





Sabra B.

Kate -True Brit
on 3/23/14 7:00 am - UK

So many people will know just how you feel. I myself am fighting a regain. but actually, you give the only answer yourself. You say you can't eat much but are eating the wrong foods.

Another surgery isn't going to stop you eating the wrong foods - only you can do that! i know just how hard it is! I am sure you will get some helpful tips. But basically you have to stop eating the wrong foods!


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on 3/23/14 7:46 am - Bay Area/Silicon Valley, CA
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Nope - as the other poster stated - you don't need another surgery.  The surgery only works if you eat correctly - and a new surgery won't make you do that - only YOU can make you do that.  Sorry but the responsibility for your weight gain falls on your shoulders - not the surgery's.

If you want to get back - quite carbs.  NOW.  No more.  Detox immediately.  Slam protein - tons of it.  You KNOW the basics - lean protein first, veggies, maybe some fruit but I'd be reallllly careful about that for about a month while you detox.  Remember - you are in the throes of carb addiction - and no one can have "just a little heroin"... it doesn't work that way... and you know that.

Accept what you've done, resolve to change it, don't beat yourself up, and move forward.  Many people regain and many people re-lose; make yourself one of them!

Good luck and fight the good fight!  You can do it!  



Leslie - Band Revision to RNY - best thing ever!   HW: 234   SW: 222  CW: Ticker  GW: 130

on 3/23/14 8:01 am - Van Nuys, CA

QoftheU and Kate.  Thanks for your input!  You are both right--I know what to do and the carbs are killing me!  I guess I just need a cheerleader squad to help me do what I need to do to 'fight the fight' and win.  Thanks again!!!

Sabra B.

on 3/23/14 8:04 am - Bay Area/Silicon Valley, CA
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We all need cheerleaders from time to time!  



Leslie - Band Revision to RNY - best thing ever!   HW: 234   SW: 222  CW: Ticker  GW: 130

Joan G.
on 3/23/14 11:53 am

I needed that too.  You are good cheerleaders.  I need to lose 10 lbs.  I must cut the sugar and carbs!


on 3/23/14 12:05 pm

when I have a 5 pound regain I stop eating after 8pm and I start walking more  and the weight starts coming back off

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on 3/23/14 1:29 pm

I am a WW lifetime member, but honestly, their program allows me too much freedom of choice...... I would eat my 26 points full of crappy food, if left to my own devices.

I have to suck it up and eat high protein and low carb to really turn things around.

WW supports that .... But doesn't require it ... So, to pay 50.00 a month for a program is just not really worth it ... I just have to do it!!!


on 3/23/14 1:55 pm - Van Nuys, CA

Thanks hukergal and Kath.  I know that high protein and low/no carbs is what I need to do.  Don't want to pay 50.00 a month for something that doesn't work!  I love this site and all of you just reaffirm what I have been trying to motivate myself to do.  I'm just a carb junkie and it really sucks! 

Do you guys know of something that will take away my sugar and carb (which breaks down to sugar) cravings away????

Sabra B.

on 3/23/14 2:16 pm - Van Nuys, CA

Thank you so much for the encouragement and the link, Amy!

Sabra B.

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